Amazing Video Game Music

While most people just take it in while playing a game and think little else of it, video game music can be incredibly enjoyable in its own right, and today I thought I’d share a sampler for everyone to enjoy.


Many times, when my brothers and I are bored, we like to make lists and the like to waste time. About a year ago, Chase decided to create a YouTube playlist showcasing many of his favorite video game music tracks, from series such as Mario, Kirby, Smash Bros., Halo, Donkey Kong, and more. Unfortunately, due to copyright claims, a few of the tracks on this playlist are now gone, but many great gems still remain.

Here are some of my favorites. First off, I just adore this tranquil track from Super Mario Sunshine, which is my all-time favorite video game.

Another classic track is Crash Man’s stage from the NES platformer Mega Man II.

And finally, here’s a hidden gem from an obscure PS1 game called Sammy Sosa’a High Heat Baseball 2001. Why this thumbnail is fixated on Rod Beck, however, I have no idea.

If you enjoyed any of these, I highly recommend you check out Chase’s playlist on YouTube via the link below. It has hours of amazing music that you may have heard before, but never fully appreciated due to being immersed in the gameplay. If you gave any of these tracks a listen, let me know in the comments what you thought! As always, thank you so much for reading, and make sure you check out all the other content on Mid-American Culture, as well as our weekly playlist. Give our page a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@M_American_C). See you all next week.

Favorite Video Game Music Playlist:

2 thoughts on “Amazing Video Game Music”

  1. These songs are so incredible. I love listening to people talk about how soundtracks affect the scene you are being shown in games.


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