Last Chance U: Season 3 Review

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. If you’re like me, you have already binge watched all of Netflix’s original series, Last Chance U. The whole show is based on the JUCO football, the staff, the players, the fans and the town they’re in. It is an amazing show and I highly recommend it. This article may contain spoilers.

New College

This season they went to Independence Community College in Independence, Kansas. This is extremely different because Independence is not know for winning, unlike the other two seasons at East Mississippi. Independence has not won a conference championship since 1987 and was kind of a laughing stock. However, that was mainly due to Kansas had a rule limiting only 20 out of state recruits.

New Coach

I’m gonna go ahead and say it, I hate Buddy Stevens. This dude a straight asshole, but the new coach, Jason Brown, makes me want to run through a brick wall. He’s a guy from the Compton area, I don’t believe I need to say more.

New Players

For the most part, I love every player on this team. They are relatable and super talented. Way more talented than any teams in seasons past. They found themselves to be their own worst enemy and really only beat themselves. Now, Ronald Ollie is the GOAT, but Bobby Bruce and Carlos Thompson gives him a run for his money.

This season was by far my favorite. It’s more exciting and the stories are better. The absence of Ms. Wagner hurt the show to me, but that’s just because she’s hot and caring. So go give this season a shot!

What did you think of this season? Let us know in the comments! As always thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew! Stay tuned for more fresh daily content.

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