10 Outstanding Facts About Ted Williams

Good morning all, I watched this week’s PBS American Masters: Ted Williams and it was terrific. He was always one of my favorite ballplayers, but the documentary kicked my love into a new level. Here’s 10 facts about Ted Williams, and I highly recommend that epsiode.

1. Ted Williams missed almost 5 years of baseball due to service in World War II and Korea.

2. His wing man in the Korean War was Astronaut and Ohio Senator John Glenn.

3. Ted Williams is an inductee of two Fishing Halls of Fame.

4. He took a $30,000 dollar pay cut to play his final season, by his choice.

5. Williams only had the chance to play in one World Series and he had a bad elbow and wasn’t much of a factor in the Red Sox loss.

6. At his final at bat he homered.

7. During his second full season in the Majors, Williams began a career long spat with the media after a few fans booed his lackluster performance. He vowed to never to tip his hat again to the crowd and he didn’t even do it at the close of his 19th season. He did however at an event at Fenway Park celebrating the 50th anniversary of his rookie season.

8. In 1941 Ted Williams batted .406 for the season. An accomplishment that has never been repeated.

9. The season he retired at 39 years old, he batted .388.

10. Ted Williams had several nicknames, amongst them were; The Kid, Teddy Baseball, and the Splendid Splinter.

Thanks for checking in with Mid-American Culture, check out that documentary, and have a great weekend!

Author: mburnsoh

I'm a geek of all sorts, I love comics and philosophy. I also dig on movies, music, books and tons of other things. I'm a dad to a wonderful troupe of munchkins. Life is good, but never content to accept it, always think I can do better.

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