Another Music Highlight: Young Spazzy

Young Spazzy is a rap act with proven ability to pull off some singing as well.

Young Spazzy’s most recent effort “R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero” is another step in the right direction.

With each release Spazzy gives us he manages to step his game up more. Along with the track above, the same day we were blessed with a Spazzy feature for another artist I’ve written about before Rezzy.

That song showcases by far my favorite Spazzy verse, the stepped up flow and aggressive bars portray a Spazzy all the way in his zone. So the 2 most recent efforts are bangers that you people should definitely be bumping, but what about the rest of his music?

The oldest Spazzy song still available gives us the Diamond Gang duo trading bars over a much more relaxed beat and a much more chilled vibe. There are some wonderful lines in this song and the overall feeling is smooth. The next song, however, is by far the most beautiful effort by the Tri-State rapper.

Play that one, play it all the way through, my words aren’t going anywhere.

Wasn’t that nice? Good beat, good lyrics, good feelings, good idea, great song. Somewhere between the different feelings of these 4 songs hopefully you were able to find a base of fandom for Spazzy. Hopefully in the future a project will be hitting Soundcloud for our enjoyment, until then you can stay up to date with Spazzy on TwitterSoundcloud, and Instagram to keep an eye out for releases.

Thanks for reading guys, if you liked this you can find more music highlights through Music Highlight Part 1 and on my Monday tab and be sure to check out our Weekly Waves playlist as always!

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