Hot Wheels Will Always Be Awesome

Hot Wheels are a line of toy cars by Mattel that are small and pretty to look at. Growing up a big fan of them, it made me love paint jobs on cars. That paint job love might be why the first Fast and Furious movie, with its colorful cars, is my favorite of the series. Hot Wheels are awesome, and I cannot state that enough. Since they’ve been on my mind lately, I decided to share some of my experiences with the brand. Maybe some of you might remember some of this stuff, or maybe not. Let’s see.

Obviously, I have to mention the cars themselves. They’re perfect toys for playing or collecting. I never had many of the tracks that were advertised, I just went with the cars. My family has so many accumulated over the years that they can fill half a tub.

Our collection

Going back through this tub recently brought back many memories, and I also saw some that I didn’t remember seeing. Not all of them were Hot Wheels-branded, but most of them were. One thing that I noticed was that we had a lot of miniature race cars. There was a Dale Earnhardt car in there, but I also saw some with Kroger and QVC (of all things) sponsorships.


I like race cars, but the cool color schemes and quality of Hot Wheels make them the superior product. The only one that I remembered to take a picture of was my personal favorite: a purple, red, white, and blue Chevy truck. I’m not much of a truck fan, but I love this thing.


I also have other memories of the brand that I remember fondly. One that sticks out to me was Rainmaker Studios’ (formerly Mainframe Entertainment) Hot Wheels: World Race. The film followed super cool teenage surfer Vert Wheeler as he gets his driver’s license and returns home to see a blue Wave Rippers team car in his driveway. He then sees a message from the mysterious Dr. Tesla instructing him to go to a location of his to participate in a race on the treacherous Highway 35 with other memorable characters. These include Taro Kitano, Kurt Wylde, Banjee Castillo, and Brian Kadeem. This movie had some sick racing scenes and a cool vibe. I remember the effect on the portals that they travel through looking so cool to younger me. The animation may be a bit uncanny, but this is still a fun ride, if not a little too long.


It also received a tie-in video game. I picked it up at a game store a few months ago, and it’s okay. I never grew up with it, so I can’t talk about it much here.


However, one Hot Wheels game that I do remember fondly is Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge, not to be confused with Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver for PC. I remember begging my mom for it at Walmart years ago, and she kindly bought it for me. Many hours have been spent on this game. The controls were nice, the music was memorable, and the graphics were really good for PS2 standards. I love this game.


Hot Wheels is a brand that will always resonate with me. I may not purchase the toys or anything nowadays, but when I see something on YouTube with the Hot Wheels name, I check it out. These include when real cars drove on a Hot Wheels style track and when one of my favorite YouTube channels, LGR, spotlighted a bizarre Hot Wheels PC in a few videos.

The Hot Wheels name will forever be connected to fun and coolness in my mind.

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Thanks for reading! YouTube clips uploaded by Disney Motion and LGR.

Author: Chase Edwards

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