The Queen of What?

The last few weeks have given us lots of new rap albums, so here’s a slew of albums to play instead of Nicki Minaj. 

Recently Nicki Minaj was “canceled” for I guess two reasons.

  1. She gave a co-sign to sex offender Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine by heavily promoting her single with him, issuing a statement of support, and including him as an opening act for her tour with rap icon Future.
  2. She blamed Travis Scott’s album doing better than Queen on his baby momma/legendary businesswoman Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi.

Now there are more issues with Tekashi than I care to talk about in this piece but to keep it short, he’s a trash rapper, he trolls real thugs and then is silent on the matter after, not to mention guys he’s a sex offender… but Nicki has voiced some serious support, but it is worth noting that Nicki’s brother has also been convicted of predatory sexual assault.

Travis Scott dropped an album that achieved legendary status long before it even dropped. Astroworld has been hyped up since late 2016 and people couldn’t have been more excited to finally get the full-length project. Astroworld was good, I’ll speak more about it below, but Nicki is convinced the only reason it held the number 1 spot for a second week is Kylie Jenner…Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.28.18 AMScreen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.29.24 AM

So because of this Instagram post….







Nicki Minaj snapped on a Donald Trump type of rant…










Now obviously Nicki Minaj is in no way shape or form “canceled” because “cancel” culture is a myth. (Wednesday writer @bigredaferg did a piece that can help explain this cultural wave The Moral Dilemma Created by H&M and So Many Others.) But she’s still way off with this one, if a significant other’s support affected album sales, why doesn’t Jay-Z go diamond with anything he touches? Why didn’t Kanye West’s Ye top the charts for months? How does everyone else top the chart without a celebrity boo to push their album? How does Drake do it even though he has more like Anti celebrity significant others? (Hope you guys get that)

If you’re like me you “canceled” Nicki Minaj about 5 or 6 years ago right after her Kanye features and she got annoying. I’m much more in favor of Remy Ma, Cardi B, or literally any other female rapper ever. However, if you’re new to the hating Nicki Minaj team you might need some advice for what else got released that you can listen to that isn’t by a pedophile-supporting, Napoleon-syndrome having nuisance. You came to the right place, as Mid-American Culture’s self-proclaimed resident rap scholar, I can hook you up with some much better music.


Stay Dangerous – YG


Okay so maybe there’s a song with Nicki Minaj on here, but it sucks so you can skip it anyway.

YG’s 3rd studio album doesn’t disappoint. If you like heavy bass and lyrics about being a gang bangin’ ass dad, check this album out. Features come from Jay 305, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, Quavo, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and Mozzy. With anthems for both the guys and the gals as well as some odes to being a real one, this album is definitely better than anything Nicki Minaj has released. (Just skip the song with her on it, really it’s fine.)


TA13OO – Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry, the guy you probably know because he had a song that was in viral memes.

Denzel Curry *finally* released his newest album TA13OO a few weeks ago and its a doozie. Separated into 3 discs it bounces around from music to mosh pit with to sadder and darker vibes. A few features from people like JID and Twelve’len, the spotlight remains on Denzel and he goes in. If you’re a fan of the newer sound of hip-hop or just like really fast and aggressive shit, here you go.


Swimming – Mac Miller


An excellent return from an excellent rapper.

Mac Miller’s newest album is a return to form from his happy love project The Divine Feminine. He’s back to the guy we all love smoking cigarettes in a coffin mad as hell. This album is somewhere in between his last 2 albums but a step further. Not quite as depressed and drug-influenced as some of the other stuff, but definitely not a gleeful tone. The album features lot’s of jazzy beats easily comparable to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly (shoutout Thundercat). This album was spoken about last Friday by @asican2 as well, you can find that here. I loved this album and it’s probably my favorite that I’ll be talking about today, so go give it a spin.


Slime Language – Young Thug & YSL


Still not solo Thug but beggars can’t be choosers.

It’s been almost 2 years since we got a solo rap album from god amongst men Young Thug aka Thugger aka Jeffery aka Sex, but this is pretty damn close. The album consists of Young Thug, his lesser known Young Stoner Life Records members, and some YSL affiliates like rap queen (not Nicki Minaj) Lil Uzi Vert. Basically Thug is great, Gunna is good, Uzi is Uzi, everyone else is fine. Give it a listen if you’re a fan of the culture but if that’s the case you already have. Maybe someday we’ll get Thug on his own again…

All Adds Up – Cousin Stizz


Just 3 songs from the best rapper out of Boston

Not much to say, its just 3 songs long so you have no excuse not to listen.




The guy who made like 2 songs everybody loved is back with some waaayyyyy darker shit.

Did you guys listen to his last album? You probably just heard Caroline (Bop) and Red Mercedes (mf Bop). That album was fairly similar to those 2 songs and had lots of excellent tracks. This one is similar in a sense that it’s good and by Aminé but that’s where the similarities stop. Some way more angry Soundcloud rapper type beats and some lyrics like “Hit a lick then leave him shook, treat him just like police would”, we have a much more aggressive Aminé and it’s actually amazing. Give it a listen it’s really good, but yah know it’s pretty wild.


Reese LaFlare – Reese LaFlare


Don’t worry Young Thug is on it.

I’ll admit that I barely knew who Reese LaFlare was before I listened to this album which is pretty creatively titled, but I sure do like him now. The album features several bangers and features from new age rap kings Yung Bans, Gunna, Yung Bans (again), Smokepurrp, as well as established gods Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, and Pusha T (insert Push T ad-lib here). Give it a listen, I was surprised I liked it so much, maybe you will be too.


Life’s a Trip – Trippie Redd


I guess being canceled only comes with a certain level of popularity.

I’m not crazy about Trippie Redd but he’s better than Nicki Minaj that’s for sure. He has some music with 69 and after a beef they’re now the “best duo in rap” (insert eye roll emoji). Whatever, 69 isn’t on the album, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Reese LaFlare (all have albums on this list as well) are. There are a few good songs from this album but this would be my least recommended on the list, still better than Nicki though.


ASTROWORLD – Travis Scott


One of the most hyped albums in recent rap history.

Travis Scott is a legend, you’ll hear no argument from me. I kinda hated that collab album with Quavo, sorry guys, but this is much better than this. From start to finish this is an overall solid album, but I’ve gotta say it didn’t quite live up the hype, but what could? It was still a very good album, “SICKO MODE”, “NC-17”, “YOSEMITE” and the single “BUTTERFLY EFFECT” are probably my favorite tracks from the album. This album as also talked about last week by Derek in Was Astroworld Really the Best Album that Dropped Last Week? Also, if you clicked on this article this is an album you’ve probably already heard so why don’t you tell me which songs you guys liked the most.


Thanks for reading guys, make sure to listen to all these excellent albums and not Nicki Minaj’s trash ass cause we’re “canceling” her, right? Thanks for reading and be sure to give us a follow and subscribe, see you next week gang.

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