College Football Preview and Predictions

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. College football kicked off last night and will be in full swing tomorrow morning. I expect to be a season a great season. There are so many good teams that the playoff committee is going to have a hard time choosing the best four in the nation. Aside from the playoff, the Heisman Trophy race will be very heated and is up for grabs. With that being said, let get to it.

Playoff Prediction

#1 Alabama

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Absolutely hate this team, but I respect their program and coach. Alabama has been a title contender for what seems like an eternity. Alabama brings in the fifth-best recruiting class, a stellar defense, and possibly the most intriguing quarterback battle this year. The QB battle is between proven starter, Jalen Hurts, and superstar sophomore, Tua Tagovailoa. Hurts struggled in the national championship against Georgia. He was actually so bad that coach, Nick Saban, pulled him for the true freshman, Tagovailoa. If it was not for this, Alabama is the champion. Tagovailoa is the front-runner for the Heisman if he is named the starter. When is named starter it is expected that Hurts will transfer.

My final prediction for the Alabama Crimson Tide is that they will finish #1 in the CFP. I believe they will suffer a loss to LSU in week 9, but will ultimately win the SEC.

#2 The Ohio State

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I may be a little bias, but the talent and respect this team deserves is unreal. The Buckeyes come in at #5 in preseason poll this year. The Buckeyes brought back an insane defensive line that features the potential number one overall pick in next years NFL draft, Nick Bosa, two NFL style running backs, and the number two recruiting class. Dwayne Haskins was named the stand-alone starter for the Buckeyes over Tate Martell last week. The Buckeyes command a killer defense, an explosive offense, but the offensive line is very young and a lot of maturing to do; however, I do see them developing well due to the success Ohio State has with linemen.

I believe the Ohio State Buckeyes will finish second in the CFP, but win the Big Ten title with one loss coming to TCU in week 3 due to the absence of Urban Meyer and traveling to a hostile environment.

#3 Georgia

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Talk about a team I did not see coming last year. The Georgia Bulldogs are the definition of a dominant SEC team. They bring back quarterback, Jake Fromm and a whole bunch of other starters. The Bulldogs also bring the number one recruiting class from 2018. Georgia’s defense is something to marble and their offense may be the best in the nation.

My final prediction is that Georgia will go undefeated, but lose the SEC championship to Alabama, bumping them down to number three.

#4 West Virginia 

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Ok, now bear with me. This is another program I do not like. I do not like the coach or the fans, but I do see this team having great success. The Mountaineers only bring the thirty-fifth best recruiting class in the nation, but I believe this is due to how much this team already has. The Mountaineers have been in the Big Twelve for seven years and is way different than the Big East. WVU is led by Heisman candidate, Will Grier, they have a very good defense and a young group with a lot of potentials.

The Mountaineers will squeak in, but it will be controversial. I believe they will lose to Texas Tech early enough for them to win out and for their name to be relevant to talk about at the end of the season. They face #7 Oklahoma at the end of the year which will help propel them before they win their first Big Twelve.

The CFP Champions: The Ohio State over Alabama

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Once again, I am biased, but I do truly believe the Buckeyes will beat Alabama in the title game. We will see this rematch that everybody has wanted since 2013. Saban versus Urban? Who wouldn’t watch? I believe it will be low scoring, but the Buckeyes will reclaim their spot on top of the college football world with a score of 24-20.

Heisman: Bryce Love

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This guy had big shoes to fill last year, and he did more than just fill them. He set a standard. Love ran for 2118 yards last year and 19 touchdowns. I believe Stanford will be a ranked team all year but will struggle. I believe Bryce Love will run away with this years Heisman.

Who is taking it all this year? Who is winning the Heisman? Let us know down in the comments! As always thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew. Stay tuned for more fresh daily content.

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