Die-Hard Cleveland Browns Fan Analysis: Week 2 ’18-’19

I’ve been a Browns fan my entire life, so let’s see how this season goes…


So the Browns didn’t win, again. This week was just as close as the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. At the end of the 3rd quarter (only 1 15 minute period left), the Browns were beating the New Orleans Saints 12-3. That obscure score is where the problem starts, then the Saints went on to score 2 touchdowns straight converting 1 2-pt conversion to make their lead 12-18 with just under 3 minutes left in the game. This left things looking a bit hopeless, but it’s not over ’till it’s over. Following 6 plays on a 75 yard drive including a sack and an incomplete pass, Tyrod Taylor led the Browns right down the field to tie it up 18-18. That means we just needed the extra point to take the lead with only a minute and a half left to play. That means the Saints would’ve been under more pressure to score as they would have been down with the clock ticking. Unfortunately, the Browns’ kicker missed the kick. The Saints then moved downfield and booted a 44 yard field goal (11 yards longer than the kick the Browns just missed) and took the lead. But that isn’t where the story ends, instead Tyrod led the Browns down the field and with 8 seconds remaining, Zane Gonzalez kicked the game saving field goal, lets watch…

And thats where we start the analysis for today…

The Bad:


Zane Gonzalez:

So this guy has been the kicker for the Browns for 2 years now. last year he was 15/20 on field goals and 25/26 on extra points which as a professional kicker, those should be automatic but I suppose every 25 or so a miss is acceptable. This year in those same stats he is already 2/5 and 3/5 and he’s gotten blocked. Now obviously he feels bad, when he misses the kick(s) you can see the instant sorrow and horror, but…. I mean come on man… In his college years he won the Lou Groza Award (best placekicker), he was All-Pac 12 3 of his 4 years, and he was a unanimous All-American his senior year. He also is in the 2nd year of 4 on a $2,489,168 deal to do 2 things, kick the ball really far a few times a game and kick the ball through the goal posts a few times a week. On 2 occasions against the Saints, Gonzalez messed that up and blew the ability to tie or take the lead. Now I don’t think anybody should be burned and drug through the streets of Cleveland normally, I mean JR Smith running away from the basket was pretty close, but this right here….


Offensive Line:

Watch these 3 guys zoom past the O-Line and smash Tyrod.

I brought these guys up last week and while they did improve some, Tyrod is still under tons of pressure and getting sacked. The rushing unit is also still struggling to find holes more often, but I went tear into them like they missed a couple of game winning opportunities. They improved from last week but there is definitely still work to do.


Josh Gordon:

After a several year battle with trying to get this All-Pro receiver to show up and be the elite guy he can be, the Browns have given in. The final straw has been plucked and the weight of all the issues have caved in on the team. So now Gordon is either going to be released or traded, something we could’ve done 3 years ago.


The Browns still didn’t win


The Good:


Tyrod Taylor:

That was a beautiful pass, Tyrod Taylor continues to impress in his new role with the Browns. He went 22 for 30 with 246 passing yards, a touchdown, and a pick, he also picked up 26 yards rushing on 4 attempts. He was making plays happen like a team leader and acting like a good quarterback, thats new for the Browns.


The Defense:

Just like last week these guys were a force to be reckoned with.

Not to mention they cut future Hall of Famer and legend Drew Brees’ passing yards in half from his game last week. The Saints went 3 for 12 on 3rd down which is big ups to the Brownies D.


The Opponent:


This week:

The New Orleans Saints have 1 of 2 current NFL QB’s that will go down as Top 10 All-Time and they also feature the amazing Ohio State alumni Michael Thomas at wide receiver making for a top-notch connection. Like the Browns’ opponent last week, the Saints are predicted to go deep into the playoffs. So playing hard and showing they can hang with a team of this caliber shows a lot about the Browns.

Next week:

On Thursday Night Football this week the Browns take on the very middle of the pack New York Jets. This will be a good test of this season’s Browns team, a team that isn’t highly regarded can show how good the Browns actually are. If they can cut it close with the Saints and tie the Steelers, seeing them against Jets will be interesting. The Jets are the 15th ranked passing offense, 16th ranking rushing offense, 8th ranked passing defense, and 11th ranked rushing defense. In week 1 the Jets demolished the Lions and in week 2 they lost a close one to the Dolphins. So be sure to tune in for a hopefully exciting Thursday night game.

Maybe then the victory fridge will open…


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Thanks for reading everyone!

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