Young Thug’s “On the Rvn” EP

Young Thug’s newest effort isn’t a full-length album but we must appreciate the gems we were gifted regardless.

Young Thug’s last full-length solo rap project was released on August 26, 2016. Jeffery included songs like “Harambe” and the award-winning “Wyclef Jean”. In that same year he also released the legendary Slime Season 3 and another tape by the name of I’m Up. Since the supreme overlord, No, My Name is Jeffery, last blessed our ears with a real rap album, we have received 6 projects but none of them have been a lengthy solo rap that we so badly need.

From top left to bottom right we have Beautiful Thugger Girls (a singing album), Young Martha (with Carnage), Super Slimey (with Future), Hear No Evil, Slime Language (with Young Stoner Life) and On the Rvn.

Just like the 5 previous projects since Jeffery, On the Rvn puts Thugger on display as a remarkable lyricist, a pure rhymesmith, a breathtaking vocalist, and the most awesome human being the world currently has to offer. Like a few of the other projects there is some experimentation at play on the 6 track EP.

Its terribly disappointing that this project should be 3 times the length that it is, but still SEX doesn’t disappoint us with 3 solo cuts and 3 collars with 6lack, Jaden Smith, and obviously Elton John.

Listen to it, you’ll like it. If you don’t, you’re probably just listening wrong…

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