Gianni & Kyle

A flawless hip-hop duo everybody should listen to and love as much as I do.

DJyh1hDUIAAUcqu.jpgGianni & Kyle is one part awesome-cool voice-rapper guy and one part awesome-beautiful voice-singer guy. I was listening to random songs on Soundcloud around a year ago now, and I stumbled across an absolute gem in their song “LAX” which still gets plays from me pretty often.


Which led me to look deeper into their music with the “Backstreet Boy Meets World” project. Now how can you guys not go listen to their music with a title like that? They have 16 tracks in total but I absolutely implore you to listen to the 6 on Backstreet Boy Meets World.

Just hit play. Their music is infectious, easy to vibe to, it’s great for listening in the car, it’s great. You just have to give it a chance and you’ll love it as much as I do and my friends do. The best part is you can listen to their music and be a hipster cause they’re incredibly underground and undiscovered, so if thats what you’re into… If you need any more convincing, the ad-lib “Sheesh” is the 2nd best of all time next to Travi$ Scott.

Remember guys growth.

Just give them a chance, they’re also pretty funny to follow on Twitter so you can give that a shot too.

Soundcloud: Gianni & Kyle

Spotify: Gianni & Kyle

Youtube: Gianni & Kyle

Twitter: Gianni & Kyle

Instagram: Gianni & Kyle

Become a Gianni & Kyle superfan just like me and while you’re at it, become a Mid-American Culture superfan too and check back for fresh content daily from the whole gang. Thanks for reading guys!


*Originally posted 2/19/2018*

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