Songs to Spice up the Holiday Season

Here’s a quick list of songs to help spice up your holiday season.

Press play to these tracks and enjoy your egg nog.

Cousin Stizz – Brain Freeze

Cousin Stizz comes through with a reliable banger to help you stay warm to (cause you’re dancing).

$onoma, Demotus & Playboi Carti – Sunshine

I really don’t know $onoma or Demotus but I adore Playboi Carti. However, this song I accidentally stumbled upon is absolutely wonderful. Your Christmas shall be quite bumpin’.

Gianni & Kyle – 2 Much

The homies Gianni & Kyle dropped a new tape not long ago with several epic bangers on tap. They’ve really solved the puzzle and found the formula for a good singing/rap duo and it comes through big time on this tape. Nothing like the cold weather and getting over your ex.

Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Young Thug –

Up To Something

Metro’s album is great. He brought together an all-star lineup and produced some great tracks for your holiday season.

Kami, Smoko Ono & Valee – A Bit

On a very slept on tape with appearances from Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp, and this track’s Valee, KAMI and Smoko Ono gifted us with some music that’ll rattle the snow right off your car. Check it out.

Most of these songs are featured on this week’s Weekly Waves playlist so if you liked this, give it a chance and be sure to follow for more excellent content.

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