Let’s Talk About It: Michigan vs OSU

Ohio State spanked Michigan on Saturday, let’s talk about what that means for college football.

For the 7th straight time Michigan fell to Ohio State on November, 24, 2018. Every time the 2 teams have met under their current head coaches Urban Meyer (Ohio State) and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan) the same result has materialized. This game has been crucial in the Buckeyes’ last few campaigns in boosting their ranking and pushing them into the College Football Playoff conversation. The last 2 years OSU has barely missed the playoff and the 2 years prior OSU made the playoff, including a championship victory.



Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State’s QB, went off against Michigan. It’s worth adding that the Wolverine defense was rated number 1 in the nation heading into this matchup. After the wrecking Haskins gave them, that ranking won’t stick. As a matter of fact, now that the new week has started we can already check out rankings.


It was a huge game and it ended in the favor of the Buckeyes. Now Ohio State is back in the race and conference championship week is gonna play a huge part in that. Ohio State will take on the #19 Northwestern Wildcats. While not the challenge Michigan was supposed to be, this game still won’t be something for the Buckeyes to cough at. So for those top few teams, the schedule looks like this….

#1 Alabama vs #4 Georgia

#2 Clemson vs #24 Pittsburgh

#3 Notre Dame has the week off

#5 Oklahoma vs #9 Texas

#6 Ohio State vs #19 Northwestern

#7 UCF vs Memphis

Out of those games the College Football Playoff can be predicted. Alabama wins, they get a spot, Alabama loses, they get a spot. Georgia wins, they get a spot, Georgia loses, they’re out. Clemson wins and they’re getting a spot. Notre Dame is probably safe to keep their spot because they can’t look bad or lose this week. The real question is who gets the 4th spot? If Oklahoma beats Texas and Georgia loses, Oklahoma could get the 4th spot. The same applies to Ohio State beating Northwestern. Maybe Notre Dame will get frowned upon for no conference championship game. Regardless I can guarantee Alabama and Clemson will be in the CFP (College Football Playoff) but Notre Dame, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State are racing for the final two spots. So do yourself a favor and tune in to some of these exciting games this weekend to find out who makes it into the CFP.


But go Buckeyes.


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