Dinosaur of the Week: Anklyosaurus

Dinosaurs are cool.

My brother (almost 3) has gotten super into dinosaurs lately and it’s made me remember my love for the beasts. So as I start a weekly article on dinosaurs, I thought where better to start than my personal favorite?

The places Anklyosaurus fossils have been discovered.

Anklyosaurus, the armored dinosaur, lived at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Discovered in 1906 near Montana, it took paleontologist Barnum Brown several years to solve the puzzle of the plates along the Anklyosaurus’ back.


Anklyosaurus was a massive herbivore that could use its body to reshape it’s environment in search of food similar to an elephant. Not only was it huge and well armored, but it had a giant club at the end of the tail.


The club could defend the creature as well as smash trees and it’s surroundings.


Look at that T-Rex getting wrecked. Anklyosaurus is awesome. A tough, armored, feisty herbivore that ran around Montana raising cane. An interesting fact about the Anklyosaurus is that it had bones in it’s tongue used to scoop food because it’s teeth were small and weak.

It also had a pretty cool scene in Jurassic World getting wrecked by the made up dinosaur.

Be sure to check out the Weekly Waves playlist and have a great day.

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