A Few Hot New Soundcloud Songs

Here’s a group of songs recently posted on Soundcloud that are really worth giving a listen.

“Old Town Road” – Lil Nas X


This song is as much of a bop as you can get. My initial thought was, “What the hell is going on with this song?” It’s actually just so perfect in every way that it’s Country/Soundcloud Rap crossbreed is a genre we should definitely crave more of. Give the song a listen below and follow Lil Nas X on Twitter to see all the great memes for the song plus stay up to date on future releases.


“Pipe Dreams” – Masakiio


I previously wrote a highlight on Masakiio you can find at Another Music Highlight: masakiio. Since then he’s released a 12 song mixtape called GAMEBOY that has some awesome influences from cartoons to video games to life including my favorite song off the tape. Follow Masakiio on Twitter to stay up to date and give his song “Pipe Dreams” a listen below.


“Is There More Remix” – Taj Jamal


Taj Jamal went on a bit of a hiatus but as seen on his Twitter he’s getting back to work. His newest song, a remix of Drake’s “Is There More”, and it’s got some fantastic lyrics. Hopefully this is the beginning of Taj giving us some new music, until then check out the highlight I wrote on him, Local Music Highlight: Taj Jamal and follow his Twitter to stay up to date. Listen to “Is There More Remix” below.


“Opera Remix” – Young Spazzy


Young Spazzy’s newest track is a remix of D Savage’s “Opera” and its a banger. You can find my highlight on Spazzy’s tracks at Another Music Highlight: Young Spazzy. Also follow him on Twitter so you can check out his new music as it drops. Until the new stuff comes out, you can bump the “Opera Remix” below.


Thanks for reading, be sure to give those tracks a listen and follow these dudes on Twitter. Come back for fresh content daily from Mid-American Culture and check out the M-A.C. Weekly Waves: Best of ’18 playlist.

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