NFL QB’s Still Available

In the most heavily saturated NFL QB free agency market ever, only a few guys are left in limbo.

Teddy Bridgewater (Carolina Panthers), Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Philip Rivers (Indianapolis Colts), Case Keenum (Cleveland Browns) and Marcus Mariota (Las Vegas Raiders) all found new homes as QB’s in free agency. Drew Brees and Dak Prescott were also possibilities to hit the open market but are staying put (not that anyone thought Drew Brees was gonna go somewhere else). These moves signaled changes at the helm of close to half the league from last year, but more moves are still to be made. The Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins are all but guaranteed to bring in new QB’s from the draft. Then keep going and the Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, and several other teams are far from having an answer at the most important position in football. Whether they are going to acquire a new quarterback through trade, free agency, or the draft, let’s talk about a few of the guys still available before the draft.

Cam Newton


Cam Newton was a rookie phenom back in 2011 and in 2015 he won the NFL MVP award as well as took the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. Fast forward to 2018 and Cam Newton starts the season a hot 6-2 but begins to suffer from a nagging shoulder injury. After 6 straight losses, the team acknowledges the injury and shuts Cam down for the season. Then in 2019 the Panthers start out 0-2 and then Newton goes down with a Lisfranc fracture (foot injury) for the rest of the season. So he has played 16 games since 2017 and the last 8 he did play in he went 0-8. That’s not exactly the best current state for a former MVP, but the market is still there.

Not to mention he looks great and is clearly ready to work. Hopefully one of the teams looking for a new guy under center will be able to reach a deal with Cam soon. It would be interesting to see him with the Patriots and all the available assets in New England, however, it’s unlikely to happen. Bill Belichick prefers his players (except for the 6 time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady) to have no personality and be as boring as he is.

Prediction: Los Angeles Chargers


Andy Dalton


The three-time Pro Bowl QB is still on the team, but there isn’t much guesswork involved when seeing that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be moving on after the upcoming NFL Draft. Dalton is one of only 5 QB’s to throw for 3,000 yard and 20 touchdowns in each of their first 3 seasons. He holds lots of Bengals passing records and led them to five consecutive playoff berths. The last four seasons have resulted in losing records though and typically when you’re looking for someone on the field to blame the QB comes up first. Now, is it actually Dalton’s fault? I don’t think so. But it’s too late for that now, the Bengals will begin to truly fix their problems once the future face of the franchise Joe Burrow winds up on his ass plenty next season. Not to mention injuries have heard Dalton’s favorite target to 9 games since 2017, Burrow will not have to deal with that either. Unfortunately, football is business and while Dalton might not truly be the root of the problem it looks like his time as the starting QB is over. I think that Dalton would be a perfect shoe in for Bill Belichick’s system in New England and it would be nice to see Dalton able to succeed in the face of this setback, but we’ll see what happens.

Prediction: The Bengals hold on to Dalton as a bridge/mentor for Joe Burrow until he hits the market as a free agent next offseason


Jameis Winston


After 5 seasons as the head gunslinger in Tampa Bay, Winston’s role has been filled by the greatest quarterback perhaps of all time. That really doesn’t sound like something we can say is his fault. Although, I would think his bizarre statistics from last season aren’t much help. Jameis set a record throwing 33 touchdowns but also 30 interceptions. Those 30 picks along with 12 fumbles are wild turnover numbers. But only 5 of those fumbles were lost, he also threw for a whopping 5,109 yards. His statistics contradict themselves one way it looks bad, but another way it looks bad. He’s also got lots of rumors about being a pain to coach and has quite a history of trouble. But you don’t need me to tell you that 33 touchdowns and 5,000 yards means Winston has one hell of an arm. What does that mean though? Is there a market for Winston? Will anyone take a gamble on the hilarious turnover numbers for the excellent arm?

Prediction: The Jaguars don’t have a great QB or a good enough draft pick so they might as well


Thanks for reading, hopefully one of the most exciting NFL offseason I can remember continues the thrills! Follow us on Twitter to see some more posts and laugh at me when my predictions are wrong!

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