Videos to Help with Quarantine

A long time ago I tried to tell you all that Symor’s videos could bring you inner peace, that still holds up.

Just over 2 years ago now I wrote my first post on Syrmor’s YouTube channel called “Videos to Bring you Inner Peace“, fast forward and they still do that. However, back then I was more so joking and Symor made hilarious VRchat compilations and did streams showing comical pieces of the VR world. Now while the videos still have lots of humor, there are moments that display a vast spectrum of feelings.

Like obviously it’s still a majority of silliness and goofing around and just warm-hearted fun, but every so often Symor stumbles across these brilliantly beautiful real life moments that he’s recording in VR with Pooh Bear and anime girls and shit. It’s an incredibly fascinating world and his always growing library of videos is something everyone should watch. For anyone that likes to uncontrollably binge watch tv shows this is something that you definitely need to see. There are still all the classics like how he single-handedly exposed that bizarre Ugandan Knuckles meme to the world and Drunk anime girl has an existential crisis in VRchat which I think anyone could relate to and then A Bird to Bring you Inner Peace which I already tried to show people.

Above is the newest Syrmor video, if that title doesn’t at least peak your interest slightly, then there’s no help for you. However, I would absolutely recommend you check the channel out and show Syrmor some love. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more blog posts from yours truly.

Syrmor’s YouTube

Syrmor’s Twitter

Syrmor’s Twitch

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