Is Tommy Nitro an Epic Hero?

Karate. Either you practiced it, or if you’re like me, you grew up seeing it referenced in shows like SpongeBob SquarePants. However, what if I told you that it spawned a toy that spawned the greatest epic hero that you have never heard of.

I am of course referring to the one, and only, Tommy Nitro.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.22.47 PM
Get ready.

In 2005, Spin Master Ltd. released Black Belts, a toy tube that you can wail on to learn karate. To teach you the moves, however, they included a DVD called Tommy Nitro’s Karate Adventure to teach you techniques. To accomplish this, they created a legend so rich that it stands alongside Beowulf and Odysseus of The Odyssey as one of the great epic heroes. A teenager that goes by the obviously badass name Tommy Nitro. I remember having this DVD, and toy, years ago, but it eventually vanished. I thought about it a while back, and thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can relive the legend. This was uploaded by Jason Jones and is owned by Spin Master Ltd.

But does he qualify as an epic hero? There are six criteria that need to be filled, and I’m here to analyze them and uncover the truth.

National/International Fame:

Tommy Nitro, played by Lucas Lynette-Krech, has his fans. He has Sensei Nobu and his two students, Scotty Karate and Amazin’ Jason (his man).

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.23.43 PM.png
They have a great teacher.

Surely someone else bought this toy, so he has to have fame, right? How can you not scream in excitement when you hear the singer go “GET READY, IT’S TOMMY NITRO!” Well, I remembered the toy and that line, so he has fame. Confirmed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.23.25 PM

Direct Combat:

Tommy Nitro is a warrior who can go up against three sentient (and extremely unthreatening) Black Belts tubes known as “The Crimson Sausage,” “Booger,” and the best character in this feature, “Zipit!”

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.24.28 PM.png
This is what you call a trio

They’re so evil that the sausage himself laughs at the mere concept of a team.  Well, it’s not exactly like he hits them, him, Scotty, and Jason (his man), have a sort of karate move dance-off. Still competition, though, so it’s combat. Confirmed.

Sustained Elevation:

He is shown to be a good kid before Sensei Nobu taught him karate. He’s a good guy after. One of the most complex character arcs of all time. Confirmed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.24.14 PM
The legend begins…

Trip To The Underworld:

DID YOU SEE HIS POORLY RENDERED NEIGHBORHOOD? That is a hell if I’ve ever seen one. Confirmed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.54.41 PM
This was rendered in 2005.
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.55.01 PM
This (Andre and Wally B) was rendered in 1984. I love Pixar shorts.

Supernatural Strength:

He’s Tommy Nitro. While he may lack traditional muscular strength, he makes up for it with his heart. This is seen in his friendship with Scotty and Jason (his man). Their karate-off in the climax shows their teamwork clearly takes more than the human limit of strength. Confirmed.


It can probably be inferred that he can perish, but he will always live on in our hearts. Confirmed.

There you have it, folks, Tommy Nitro is the epic hero of one of the most obscure toys of all time. However, a hero is a hero, and they should be discussed, no matter how obscure. And, in case you couldn’t sense my sarcasm, this 29-minute feature is hilariously awful. The songs are bad, albeit catchy, the acting is plain, and the cheesiness factor is way too high. Although it can still be enjoyed in the right mindset.

Thanks for reading, and check out everything else here on Mid-American Culture!

*Originally posted on November 23, 2017*

Author: Chase Edwards

I'm Chase and I just write about what interests me. Games, music, sports, and oddities are most likely to be my hot topics.

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