Moebius at Marvel

The skateboard brand I love most “Primitive” has just released a collaborative collection with Marvel using artwork from the legendary Jean Giraud aka Moebius.

Jean Giraud, who used the pseudonym Moebius, was a french artist whose work in comics is still loved today. Moebius depicted a very gritty realism in his works. Through the early parts of his career Jean worked in French comic strips and on sci-fi projects building a name for himself and working on his Blueberry character. He also worked on the films Alien, Tron, The Fifth Element, and The Abyss, his character Blueberry was taken to the big screen as well. Moebius has won an extensive list of awards and is also known as a huge inspiration for creators and artists alike for many years. In the mid-to-late 1980s Moebius worked with Marvel Comics on a handful of characters. These are the brilliant pieces that I love and are being used in the Primitive collaboration.

When the collaboration was originally announced a lot of the comments I read were about how, “Whatever dumbass they got to draw these doesn’t even know what humans look like”, which is just awful.

There are a few other pieces in the collection that are non-Marvel works.

It’s a cool collection altogether that you can find here, thanks for reading and looking at some cool pieces of art work with me.

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