Checking in on Music Highlights

Before the blog went down for a while, I wrote a series called “Another Music Highlight” talking about 4 guys I had found on Twitter or Soundcloud and liked.


Another Music Highlight: Linno

Linno has been steadily putting out new content and doing shows in the Dallas area. Late last year he released an EP titled Kause and Effect which I very much so enjoyed listening to. His newest release on Soundcloud is called “Kommon Freestyle”.

Linno has stayed busy and you can stay up to date with him on all social media and streaming platforms: Twitter, InstagramSoundcloudSpotifyApple Music, and his website. Linno is still on the come up with no stop end in sight.


Spazzy Baby

Spazzy’s newest release is up on Soundcloud with frequent collaborator SVGJAYTAY. Spazzy has stayed with a very constant output of tracks and collaborations. Continuing in the more trap and aggressive styles of rap Spazzy and SVGJAYTRAY are perfecting their craft.

Spazzy and SVGJAYTAY have released about a dozen tracks between them over the last 2 months and there’s a lot of gems to be heard. Check them out and give them follows.

Spazzy SoundcloudSpazzy TwitterSVGJAYTAY Soundcloud, and SVGJAYTAY Apple Music.


Matt Gantos

Matt Gantos recently dropped a music video for a new song called NOFRIENDS. Gantos has released a few songs recently and he’s only gotten better since we last checked in on him.

“THEY THOUGHT” is my favorite of the newer songs available on Soundcloud. You can find him on all major forms of social media and streaming services: TwitterInstagramSoundcloudApple Music, and Youtube.



masakiio is one of the most dedicated guys I’ve ever seen on twitter. He pushes those awesome clips with awesome songs and I love when I see him pop up. He uses lots of old video games and cartoons in his videos and even in his beats. It’s a fun style and it comes together very nicely while he spits over it.

He also announced a new album and dropped a new single, so there’s something to look forward to. You can follow masakiio and be ready for the new album on social media and music platforms: Twitter, Instagram, SoundcloudApple Music, and YouTube.

It was fun to write about these guys again and I hope you check them all out, thanks for reading

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