Ranking the Combined Discographies of Foozer (Foo Fighters & Weezer) [Part 2]

Two of my favorite bands of all time come together for a “rivalry” that has toured together and paired for many wonderful rock moments. Today I’m going to attempt to  finish ranking the massive combined discography of Foozer.

That clip is old as shit but it kind of shows what I’m talking about here. In 2005 the bands that blew up in the 90’s and survived Weezer and the Foo Fighters came together for an epic tour. This tour included pranks, rock, and coming together. You would be surprised at the amount of shared fans a geeky garage band and Nirvana’s former drummer have. Since then they’ve paired up a few more times including an epic tour with Tenacious D. Here’s a video of the Foo Fighters singing Kiss with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer which is just awesome.

You can find part 1 here to see where the rest of their discographies ranked.

Ranking the Combined Discographies of Foozer (Foo Fighters & Weezer) [Part 1]

Now on to part 2 which is definitely gonna have a YouTube link with every album because it’s way harder not to appreciate these albums.


8. Maladroit (2002) – Weezer


One of Weezer’s better albums Maladroit has a lot more of a heavy sound than Weezer’s previous releases. This album caused a huge battle between the band and their record label, frontman Rivers Cuomo leaked unfinished songs himself online and mailed in unfinished versions to radio stations. The lead single “Dope Nose” reached #25 on Billboard charts without having an official version released.

Rating: 7.5/10


7. In Your Honor (2005) – Foo Fighters

In Your Honor is a double album from the Foos that contains a massive amount of music The first song which is also titled “In Your Honor” sets the tone well and then over the next 20 songs we are given a lot of filler but there are a few more songs worth noting. Although, one stands out a bit from the rest…

Rating: 8/10


6. Foo Fighters (1995) – Foo Fighters

The Foos self-titled debut has definitely gone down in history with a proper place. After Kurt Cobain’s death lead to Nirvana’s disbandment Dave Grohl was a very highly sought after drummer. From Tom Petty to Pearl Jam and every other band worth noting rumored to get him, Grohl decided to do what no-one expected him to do. He recorded an entire album by himself, playing every instrument and doing all the writing and vocals himself. Then he decided to assemble a band to play the songs live with and called the band “Foo Fighters” after the WW2 term for an unidentified flying object (a name Dave has admitted several times he hates) . The album as promoted extensively with 6 singles and 2 music videos and thus the long reign began.

Rating: 8.5/10


5. Weezer (Green Album) (2001) – Weezer

We’re really getting through these color based Weezer albums now. This is first Weezer album I was alive for and I remember it well. It is Weezer’s 2nd most complete album and that’s the important key that carries it to this point. From beginning to end the album is good and has no holes or filler. “Hash Pipe”, “Island In the Sun”, and “Photograph” were the singles and in my opinion the best songs from the album. Their return from hiatus led them to go back to their original style and they did it well.

Rating: 8.5/10


4. One by One (2002) – Foo Fighters

I’m sure placing this album so high probably has a lot of personal bias from myself but I don’t care. Like Weezer’s Green Album it was the first Foos album I can remember. “All My Life” and “Times Like These” are the big ones but the rest of the album is equally beautiful rock.One by One almost led to Foo Fighters breaking up but eventually Dave brought everyone back together and they finished the album giving us their 3rd best all-time (in my opinion.) It also led to the Foos getting political and playing shows for John Kerry to stick it to W who was playing the song “Times Like These” at his own rallies.

I definitely think I should point out Dave Grohl’s chops and Taylor Hawkins Hulk Hogan vibes. Something very hilarious about these 22 albums across 26 years and all the videos I’m sharing is the appearance of the bands. While Weezer really just remains 4 nerdy looking guys that just slowly begin to look old, the Foo Fighters go from wild, young rockers in the 90’s to whatever you would call the look above all the way to the 50 year olds they are today.

Rating: 9/10


3. Weezer (Blue Album) (1994) – Weezer

220px-Weezer_-_Blue_AlbumLook at those awkward bastards, they created one of the most iconic albums of the 90’s and that’s really saying something. From start to finish you’ve got ten songs that are amazing and tackle love, family issues, awkwardness, and all the wonders of the garage. “Undone – The Sweater Song” launched Weezer into commercial success and then “Buddy  Holly” and “Say It Ain’t So” helped contribute to the Blue Album‘s popularity. “In the Garage” is another of my favorites, but there are no skips across the debut classic.

Rating: 10/10


2. The Colour and the Shape (1997) – Foo Fighters


The Foos second album is arguably their most iconic. The first album stood as a stepping stone from the same sounds of Nirvana to something new, The Colour and the Shape is that something. Songs like “Monkey Wrench”, “My Hero”, and “Everlong” are timeless classics, but even album cuts like “February Stars” and “Walking After You” are some of the band’s best work. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a post-grunge rock album with more cultural impact than The Colour and the Shape.

Rating: 10/10


1. Wasting Light (2011) – Foo Fighters


There might be some personal influence on this choice but, I truly believe that in time this will prove to be the peak for the Foo Fighters. Their evolution and consistency comes to a T for one of the most epic rock albums of all time. Netting the band 5 Grammy wins and earning their title as the last big rock band. I couldn’t possibly decide to name a song or two as memorable because the whole damn thing is perfect. When recording Wasting Light the band wanted to go back to old sounds and avoid the artificial sounds of digital recording. To achieve their goal they recorded the entire album in Dave Grohl’s garage with outdated equipment, also Pat Smear returned to the band for the first time since The Colour and the Shape. This album is incredible and I wish I could post YouTube links to every single song but that might be a bit much. Instead I’ll post the lead single and just hope you have all either heard the entire album or are about to listen to it.

Rating: 11/10 (Deal with it)


I hope you appreciated the list, you can look back to Part 1 here. Thanks as always for reading!

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