Nirvana “Live”

Today I’m gonna highlight a specific performance by the 90’s rock band Nirvana.

In 1991 Nirvana was set to perform on the live TV show Top of the Pops with their monster hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The show had a policy of all acts performing either lip-sync style or sing-along, meaning that they were going to play the pre-recorded song over the speakers. In a fairly appropriate display for that band singing that song, Nirvana decided not to cooperate for the show. They put on a display that included Krist Novoselic swinging his bass over his head, Dave Grohl looking like Animal from The Muppets (I guess that was just meant to be), and Kurt Cobain looking like an animatronic while butchering his vocals.



It’s an admirable attempt to stick it to the show for trying to get them to fake their performance, but it doesn’t really seem to have the desired affect. The crowd still goes wild and claps along(????), which surely has the opposite affect of Kurt and co. were going for. More and more mainstream success for the song which a few years later would bring Kurt to claim he was embarrassed of the hit. Regardless, watching this wild performance is still hilarious so give it a watch and as always thanks for reading!

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