Red Hot Chili Pepper Music Videos

While my father was at work Friday he decided to send me a Red Hot Chili Peppers music video every hour for the rest of his shift, I feel that deserves some appreciation.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an amazing band that have held a place in rock’s heart for many years. Despite going through hell and back through drug addictions, death, and dramatic fights, RHCP has remained active since 1983. Thats how a band manages to spontaneously inspire a man to send his son 6 of their music videos for no reason other than because they’re awesome, by rocking out for 35 years.


1. Californication

One of my all-time favorite music videos, for good reason.


2. Dark Necessities

Admittedly I had only heard this song once before it was sent to me a few days ago, it’s interesting to see how their bodies have aged but their spirits definitely haven’t.


3. Scar Tissue

Perhaps my favorite RHCP song.


4. Give It Away

A classic song with such an odd music video.


5. Around The World

You can’t tell me this isn’t refreshing.


6. By The Way

A beautiful and well known RHCP jam to finish off the list.


Wasn’t that nice? We all need a few RHCP videos every now and then.

*Originally posted 04/16/2018*

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