This is more so going to just be a rant than an informative post, but this is getting old. On this day in history (5/11/20) teenagers that love the R&B stylings of Joji learned a shocking development.

Joji has undertaken quite a following and has the backing of epic label 88rising. He was destined for R&B greatness, until now… The truth has been uncovered and it was revealed to I guess a handful of weirdos that didn’t know this already…


Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Joji are all the same person and I honestly didn’t know this was going to be news to anyone. If you were to search the internet for any of those characters you would come upon the same person. That’s all these were for Joji were characters, but he has obviously left the edgy, profane stuff in the past and I guess somehow that worked for a while. Sadly, the K-pop fancams and Twitter warriors have discovered this well kept secret. So now we have #jojiisoverparty and honestly everyday it’s just someone new. Like 1,000 people dig up some old tweets on someone and say #CANCELTHISPERSON #SPILLTHETEA #THISPERSONISOVER and its just so damn old. Nothing ever comes of it, you’re all just bored sitting at home. Like last week Joji’s label mate Rich Brian went through the same thing and I’m sure he’s living in a cardboard box now cause cancel culture destroyed him.

At least there’s some funny responses to it…


Like I wasn’t into the Filthy Frank/Pink Guy stuff but but nonetheless this is stupid. There are internet warriors on both sides and the entire thing is exhausting, Joji makes pretty decent music as an R&B artist and he used to make cringe satire like 5 years ago. Just let it end at that.

I guess thanks for reading.

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