Things I am Looking Forward to from E3

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This past week was what every gaming nerd looks forward to every year, E3. E3 is a big gaming conference in which all these big name companies announce new games and release more information on upcoming projects. This years conference really lacked all the “wows” that it normally has. However, there were somethings that looked very interesting to me.

Fallout 76

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As you can tell by one of my previous articles, I am very excited for this game. Bethesda announced this game will have a co-op mode and that the map is 4x the size of the Fallout 4 map (which is freaking massive). This game has the entire West Virginia area buzzing with local landmarks being featured such as Camden Park, the Greenbrier,  WVU, and New River Gorge. The game play looks flawless and will be amazing. Look for Fallout 76 on November 14th.

Elder Scrolls 6

Another big hitter for Bethesda. This is a game that almost all gamers have been waiting for. Unfortunately, we do not know much about it at this time, but we are definitely getting one.

Kingdom Hearts 3

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One of my personal favorite games of all-time. Kingdom Hearts is a Disney game where you go through a bunch of doors to different worlds and will need to help many of your beloved Disney characters. They announced that it will be available on Xbox, which I believe is a first. It looks like Disney did everything they could to add all the new characters and keep the old ones. They even included new vehicles which are actual cars from the rides at Disneyworld. Kingdom Hearts III will hit the shelves January 25th, 2019.

Halo Infinite

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For the love of God, do not fuck this one up. Please. Halo 5 was a damn train wreck. They tried extremely hard to make a love child between Call of Duty and Overwatch. Once again, we do not know much but we are getting a new Halo.

The Last of Us: Part II

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My second favorite game of all-time is getting a sequel and it is much deserved after the ending of the first one. The gameplay and graphics look beautiful, and the story seems interesting. Ellie seems to be a huge player in this and could make this game even more interesting. Look for the Last of Us sometime in 2019.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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This game looks nothing short of amazing. All the old characters are back and they are bring us some new characters as well. I do not own a Switch yet, but this is going to make me buy one for sure. Gather your buddies and prepare for battle because Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. hits shelves December 7th.

What games are you excited for? Who won E3? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you again for tuning in on another Friday and as always, stay tuned in for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!


The Reds Suck..

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This week I traveled to Great American Ballpark to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Colorado Rockies. It isn’t a huge secret the Reds haven’t been good, but when you watch it in person, well, it’s ugly.

I’ve been a Reds fan for awhile now and you really saw this shift from good to just terrible once Dusty Baker was fired. Now the Reds are on their third manager in five years. Riggleman is doing an ok job but I don’t not see much success with him. The Reds have a lot of talent down in the farm system and really need to find a manager to help mold them.

The Reds have almost gotten rid of almost every assets from the good years. The only remaining players is all-star Joey Votto, Billy Hamilton and Homer Bailey. Joey Votto, in my opinion is the Ted Williams of our era. The Reds really just need to blow this whole thing up and buy into the farm system. Votto deserves better and needs out of there before his career is wasted. The Reds could get rid of Hamilton but I don’t not see the point because he is still moderately young and one of the best defensive outfielders, not to mention his unbelievable speed. Now Homer Bailey.. What a joke. Read Cory’s article about that one.

The Reds are in desperate need of a rebuild they do not look like they truly want to blow it up just yet. What do you think? Let’s us know down in the comments. Thank you for tuning in on this Friday and stay tuned into myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew for more fresh daily content.

What We Would Like to See in Fallout 76

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Mid-American page. Just in case you live under a rock, Bethesda announced that there will be a new game in the Fallout series. Fallout is based in a post-apocalyptic America and you are usually searching for one person. These games are amazing and provide the player with hours upon hours of play time. Even though the announcement of this game really makes no sense because it took seven years for Fallout 4 and it has been seven years since Skyrim. However, I am not going to complain. There are many things Bethesda does well but here are some things we are wanting and expecting to see.

Online Mode

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Fallout has not had  great online options. However, the rumor is that Bethesda is going to tackle this one by putting an online survival mode. I truly hope this means a game kind of like the original H1Z1 and not a battle royale mode. It would give console gamers a new feel and interest. The battle royale thing is getting super played out since Fortnite and PUBG, plus Red Dead Redemption is rumored to have a battle royale mode.

Story Mode

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This story mode can be very different if they want. This is a huge prequel for this game because this game is going to take place 25 years after the bombs dropped. Also in the trailer, Country Roads is playing in the background which probably means this game will mainly take place in  West Virginia and it makes since due to the mentioning of Vault 76 in Fallout 3 being near the Virginia area. There is only one person shown in the trailer and this very well could be our bad guy. It will be interesting seeing how the wastelands look once we escape the vault.

The Detail and Easter Eggs

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This series is very rich in interesting settings and details. I hope they continue this in Fallout 76. In Fallout 4, one of the main cities was Diamond City. Diamond City was obviously paying homage to Fenway Park in Boston, and it looked beautiful. Given, there is not much to see in West Virginia, but they can make the country side look amazing. Another part they do good at is the Easter eggs. It is always refreshing to see something you recognize randomly in a game. This game is sort of an Easter egg itself. However, here is all the Easter eggs that were found in Fallout 4.

What would you like to see in Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments. Unfortunately, I do not think we will hear anything else for this game until E3. However, thank you for spending apart of your Friday and stay tuned in for more fresh daily content from me and the rest of the Mid-American crew,

Top 5 Places to Eat Late at Night

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. In this article, I have possibly one of the most argued things these days. Late-night eating. Late night eating is very common nowadays. Rather you have spent hours in the pool, late night, bored, or really just about anything, you cannot avoid it. Let’s get to it.

5) Jimmy Johns

Freaky. Fast. Subs. Funny commercials, quality meat, fresh bread, one helluva of a sandwich. Every Friday night you have probably seen some drunk dumbass posted at Jimmy Johns.

4) Taco Bell

The founding father of the “Fourth Meal”. Taco Bell has a plethora of delicious food that can satisfy almost every mood. Nothing wrong with a little chicken quesadilla action at 2 A.M.

3) D.P. Dough

Delivery and open crazy late. Hard to beat. Crazy big calzones with ungodly combinations along with tatter tots, wings, and if you’re feelings frisky, Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream.

2) Sheetz

“Why is a gas station on here?” the audience may ask. Well I will tell you audience. Sheetz has a very good food that is 100% customizable. The broad variety gives it the edge along with the selection of candy, coffee, pops, and ice cream.

1) Cookout

I have had many many late nights spent at this establishment. Cookout has a huge variety and the best deal every. The cookout try is an entree, 2 sides and a drink for $5 ($6 if you want a milkshake). The price gives Cookout the edge along with the shit tons of different milkshakes they have.

Where is your favorite late night place to eat? Let’s us know down in the comments! As always thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me and stay tuned to the Mid-American page for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the crew.

Where is the King Going?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. The NBA playoffs are well underway and it’s almost exactly how I thought it would go. One of the biggest things to follow is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s no secret that LeBron loves to win and will leave if he needs to. James has to the option to leave the Cavs this offseason, and I believe he will. There are only three real possibilities in my eyes, so let’s get to it.

The Philadelphia 76ers

This would be the smartest and best option for the king. He will be working with four lottery picks who are turning out to be worth the hype. Pay wise, the King will receive his richs. Imagine Simmons, Joel, and LeBron. It’s unfair. Not to mention that Simmons and LeBron are known to workout together in the offseason.

The Los Angelos Lakers

The fact that I can see this happening makes me sick. Los Angelos fans talk so much shit about LeBron but then they want him? Dumb. However, LeBron would see the same scenario that he would see Philly. Young talent and money. The biggest negative would be being in the West. The West is much tougher and making to the Finals in that conference is much tougher.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

I do believe there is a small chance LeBron might stay. The Cavs has a talented big man in Kevin Love and some promising younger players. Not to mention the 8th pick in this years draft.

LeBron, in this point of his career, is trying to win championships to silence the doubters. I would love to see him stay, but I see him leaving and the Cavs blowing it up at the end of this season.

What do you think? Where is the King heading? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me! As always, stay tuned for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!

Top 5 Best Walk-Up Songs in the MLB

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Mid-American page. If you are like me, then you love the game of baseball. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the walk-up songs. Each player chooses a song or two to be played whenever they walk out to the plate or mound. I remember back in high school spending hours listening to music and bugging my mom about what song should be my walk-up song. Players usually pick a song that hypes them and gets them in the right mind set, and I think this helps make the game of baseball unique.

#5 Zach Curtis: “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” Johnny Cash

I may be a little bias due to the fact this was also my walk-up song in high school, but you cannot deny this song is badass.

#4 Clay Buchholz: “Hold the Line” Toto

Very fitting song for a guy like Buccholz, in my opinion.

#3 Matt Garza: “All Eyez on Me” 2pac

Good walk up song, but not many eyes are too focus on Garza these days.

#2 Derek Law: “I Fought the Law” The Clash

This gets the spot due to the greatness of the song, the clever use of his name, and it a personal favorite among the Mid-American crew.

#1 A.J. Ramos: “Power” Kayne West

Probably my favorite Kayne West song of all-time, but this song has a great beat and lyrics that can fire anybody up. Well played, A.J. Ramos, well played.

Unfortunately, the MLB has thousands of players and going through everybody’s walk-up song would be extremely tedious. With that being said, what do you think? Who has the best walk-up song in the MLB? Let us know down in the comments! As always thank you for tuning in into the Mid-American page on this fine Friday. As always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!

Has Wilt Chamberlain Comeback as a Turkey?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This article is very different from any another one I have ever done. The stories you get at work are wild but I felt like the world needed to hear this one.

So I am at work, ya know, pulling boxes and making sure it all looks good. I finish early, as normal, and decide to go help my buddy over in grocery. This guy is as redneck as they come man. This guy normally tells me a bunch of yeeyee ass stories, but this one caught my ears.

He starts talking about him and his father hunting turkeys. He then went to explain that they have been after this one turkey for as long as he can remember and they just can not see him. I look at him puzzled and asked “Why?” He replies, “We can’t keep the women away from him.” Even more puzzled, I ask him what the hell does that even means.

He begins to tell me that the female turkeys will not leave him alone long enough for him to come out of his shelter. He told him they sat there long enough to see if he would come out. They got there at 5 A.M. where the female turkey would fly up to him and mate. Keep in mind, it’s not just one turkey, it about five or six a morning. After that they waited and he still never came out. Later, another batch of turkeys went to him. Finally, they just called a quits.

So here is what I think has happened. I think Wilt Chamberlain has came back to ball on the women and continue his supposed 20,000+ body count. My redneck friend has told me how he just keeps putting out more turkeys. This guy doesn’t even try to get all the gobblets. They come to him 24/7. The amount of children this turkey has would put even Antonio Cromartè to shame.

You all may have not found this as funny as I did, but I about pissed my pants when I heard about this. What do you think? Let’s us know down in the comments! As always, thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me. As always, stay tuned for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!