Five Athletes Who Were Taken Too Soon

This past week the sports world lost a true legend and a great guy in former Phillies and Blue Jay great Roy “Doc” Halladay, who died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 40. Halladay was a dominate right handed pitcher whose career lasted fifteen years. Over the span of his career, Halladay was 203-105 on the mound with a 3.38 ERA and 2,117 career strikeouts. Halladay was an eight-time all-star, two-time Cy Young winner, lead the MLB in wins twice, and had one perfect game and one post season no hitter. Roy Halladay was one of my all time favorites to watch with one of the nastiest 12-6 curveballs in the leagues history. Halladay played the game the way it should be played. Upon Halladay’s death I found myself thinking about the mark he left on the game and the fans, then I began to think about those who we will never be able to see their full potential.

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What Does The Ohio State Loss Mean to the Program? everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This last week has been a very tough one for Ohio sports fans, such as myself. Not one single professional team recorded a win, nor did the beloved college football powerhouse. The professional teams losing is fine, but the loss for the Buckeyes had some pretty tough implications but some pretty cool things.

The formerly ranked #2 Buckeyes strolled into West Lafayette to take on the Perdue Boilermakers in what seemed to just be a routine road trip. However, Ohio State put out the most pitiful performance of the season. The backfield only rushed for 76 yards all night, and we threw the ball 72 times. Yeah, you heard me. 72. Times. On top of it all, our defense continued to look lost without standout defensive end, Nick Bosa. The overall performance was just soft.

The Buckeyes have become extremely one dimensional since the return of Urban Meyer despite preaching how the team needs to be more well balanced. Even though the Ohio State got smacked, they also lost wideout, Austin Mack, for the remainder of the season. Things are getting tough for Buckeyes heading into the balk of the season and every fan is riding on the November 24th game.

After the loss, the first thought of the Ohio State faithful was, “What about playoffs?” Well, I try to see the glass half full and I think it’s gonna be tough. The Buckeyes are now forced to play stellar football for the remainder of the season and pray to the football Gods that one of the top four teams drop one. However, if the TTUN is still going strong and is in the playoff talks and we win and keep them from it, the season was well worth it. Also with pressing health issues surrounding Urban, I do not see him returning next season. I think he will resign, unfortunately, and Ryan Day will take over. I am not complaining about Coach Day becoming the guy, but Urban is a genius and an amazing recruiter. Gonna be hard for the fans if decides to step down.

Another thought was, “How is a top program getting out coached by Perdue?”. Well, the answer is simple and it is loyalty. Urban Meyer is one of the greatest coaches of all-time, but everybody has their flaws. Meyer has shown time and time again that his loyalty can lead a team downhill like what happened with J.T. Barret. I am not saying bench Haskins or anything crazy (dudes the best QB in the nation), but on short yardage situations, we need to switch it from running it up the gut. Teams are stacking the box and we ignore it. Let’s get some of the old bread and butter back in the game and run the read option with Tate Martell and keep this dude happy. Martell opens the game in so many ways. He can throw the ball a country mile and running ability is just like a running back.

The final thing is, that game is what sports are all about. To start the game it was made known about the one kid who chose Perdue over Ohio State and Alabama because he could not make an immediate impact but turned out to be the main difference maker. Another story about another kid in the Buckeyes backyard that they passed on, but made several key tackles, a pick-six, and recovered the onside kick. However, all that gets passed over for a hero by the name of Tyler Trent. Tyler is a student at Perdue who has a ton of school spirit, but battles with aggressive cancer. He went from not knowing if he was gonna live that night to watching his team take down a national powerhouse. This stuff is truly worth a movie.

What the Loss of Nick Bosa Means to The Ohio State

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. News broke today that former Buckeye standout, Nick Bosa, has decided to end his season with the Buckeyes to rehab an abdominal injury, suffered against TCU, and pursue training for the NFL. Bosa has been huge for the Buckeyes and there is now a huge void that Greg Schiano and company will have to fix.

The Bosa family has something running in their genes. The father, John Bosa, was a defensive end for the Dolphins back in the day and was a first round pick out of Boston College. Older brother, Joey Bosa, also hailed from The Ohio State and was selected 3rd overall just a few years ago. Now, Nick Bosa, in his third years for the Buckeyes looks to continue his family’s first round streak as he is a projected number one overall pick in this years draft. Bosa had 14 tackles and 4 sacks in just two and a half games. That’s pretty damn good considering he was out by half time for the first two games.

Watching the Buckeye defense these past weeks since Nick went down has been just a complete dismal. Bosa applies constant pressure to any offense. He commands constant double teams and sometimes triple teams.

Defense has turned to a new defensive end, Tyreke Smith, and the proven young gun Chase Young. Young is just a sophomore with very little experience, but a ton of raw skill and athleticism. However, the raise in plenties for the Buckeyes have sky rocketed since Bosa’s absence. Dre’mont Jones has stepped up in a big way for the Buckeyes, but the rest of the defense has to mature if the Buckeyes want a shot at the playoffs.

Am I upset Nick has decided to end his season early? Hell yes. However, I understand it. This kid is only 20 years old with dreams of being better than either of the two family members before him, and he has a good chance. Why not go get the paycheck and go chase your dream while you’re at it? Nick Bosa will be a name you’ll be hearing on Sunday for a very long time.

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Is Drew Brees the Greatest Quarterback of All Time?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard that future hall of fame quarterback, Drew Brees, became the all-time NFL passing leader. Upon this milestone, this led to a discussion and a rather interesting hot-take by one of my friends. He stated that Brees was the better than Tom Brady in every way. While I laid there in complete disbelief somebody can say that, I couldn’t think of a rebuttal.

If you’re one of those people who argue that championships truly matter in an arguement of skill, Brady is the best no matter against who. However, Brees did take an unlikely New Orleans Saints team to a Super Bowel and upset the then power house, Indianapolis Colts.

Brees is the greatest role model for all under sized quarterbacks. What Brees lacks in stature, he makes up with one of the gamers highest football I.Qs, arm strength, and accuracy. Brees is an unlikely to be here in this position, but here he is.

I think the craziest thing about this record is that he did this with not one great wideout. Sure he had Jimmy Graham, Jeremy Shockey, and now has promising wideout, Michael Thomas, but that’s it. Brees best receiver up until now was Marquis Colston….. Yes, Marquis Colston….

Brees is well on pace to now break the all time touchdown record as well. When he passes that, will this even be a discussion. I, honestly, am having a hard time arguing a better quarterback than Drew Brees.

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Where Is Jimmy Buckets Going?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. Before you get confused, no, it is not Friday. Due to the fact we are currently looking for writers, I have switched to Tuesday. With that being said, if you want to apply to write for Mid-American culture, shoot us a message on our twitter! With that out of the way, this week the basketball world was pretty shaken up when Timberwolves superstar, Jimmy Buttler demanded a trade. The world was not surprised that he wanted out, but the candidates he selected were random. Butler narrowed down his trade demands to the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and the Los Angelos Clippers. The star guard is very talented. Butler can handle the ball, somewhat shoot, very strong body, and still hustles and plays hard on the defensive end.

The Timberwolves have done everything to try and keep this talented group together. The measures they have taken is partly bringing back the old Chicago team with the head coach, Tom Thibodeau, and former MVP point guard, Derrick Rose. However, if I am not mistaking, Butler did not enjoy his time with Rose. Another factor I see being an issue with Butler is that a very talented and young wing player in Andrew Wiggins could step in and take over at any time. Let’s begin to look at where Butler should go, and why he may have requested to be traded.

The New York Knicks

Image result for jimmy butler new york knicks

The picture kind of gives away why I think he is going there. it is no mystery that Kyrie and Butler have some sort of bromance and want to team up. Meeting up in New York would be a no-brainer for this move. Kyrie would not have to be a pre-Madona because he would be the best player on the team, Butler gets somebody to play with, All-star forward, Kristaps Porzingis, would fit perfectly. Also, they have a lot of cap space; therefore, everybody is getting paid. Not to mention, Kevin Knox was selected by the Knicks, and has torn it up in the summer league and looks impressive in the workouts. I see Butler wanting to play in New York was a very Melo-like mindset. Money, atmosphere, and talent; however, I think this would play out the same way. Butler, Irving, Porzingis, and Knox could make a run at the Larry O’Brien but would get swept by the Warriors.

The Brooklyn Nets

Image result for jimmy butler brooklyn netsHonestly, I have no real clue why he chose the Nets. I mean they could get Kyrie too due to the cap space, but then Kyrie will be presented with the same issue he has in Boston, a young talented backup that could take his spot due to how injury prone he is. The Nets have a pretty talented young core, but I see Butler’s interest in being purely money based. I do not see this move working out, and I do not see them getting higher than the seventh seed in the East.

The Los Angeles Clippers

Image result for jimmy butler los angeles clippers edit

Another money biased move. There is no way to bring another superstar in; therefore, his supporting cast would be Lou Williams and Tobias Harris. Yes, they are good, but not good enough to get anywhere. They would 100% miss the playoffs.

Where He Should Go

Image result for jimmy butler 76ers

If Butler wants to win, get paid, and have a young core for a long time, Philly is the place. They also would have the atmosphere that he may get from the Knicks. Where Butler would be the most senior starter, it would kind of be his team, but only for a little while. This move would be deadly and could make noise in the NBA.

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What Kind Of Blasphemy Did the NBA Put Out Today?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. It’s not even basketball season and I am already heated about the NBA. Specifically their “Top 10 Players” rankings. With that being said, let’s get into this.

I’m sure a lot of you all are thinking, “I don’t see anything wrong with this list,” but, in my honest opinion, this list is bullshit. In what world is Steph and Harden better than KD? Yes, they can shoot and handle the ball, but imagine having an almost seven foot tall version of them. Oh wait, there is. KD is a better scorer than both of them, better on defense, and can guard every single position on the court. There’s is issue number one.

Second issue there is a monumental snub in Karl-Anothy Towns. Towns is one of the youngest and the premier big in the league. Don’t get me wrong, Embiid is good, but not better than Towns. Towns stretches the floor, has slick post moves, strong, and is one of the leagues best rim protectors.

The last issue, that I think is huge, is that Kawhi is better than Giannis. Yes, Kawhi selflessly sat out all last season in an attempt to get out of San Antonio. Kawhi is another player who does everything and can do that with anybody on the team. Giannis is still developing his game, and will be better one day. However, I said one day.

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Buffalo Wild Wings VS. Roosters

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This week we are going to discuss which one of the two places mentioned in the title is better. With that being said, let’s get into.


This category is simply for the chicken, and Roosters destroys Bdubs in this category. Roosters chicken is very moist and actually taste fresh. Not to mention, they’re grilled fingers and word better than Bdubs.


This one goes to Bdubs. They have way more of a selection, and not to mention a new sauce every month plus the off the menu secret sauces. Don’t get me wrong, Roosters sauces have good flavor, but lack variety. Another factor into this category is that Bdubs has some killer ranch.


This one can go either way, but, once again, the variety wins for Bdubs. They always have new apps, and Roosters appetizers are extremely greasy and normally make me sick.

Winner: Bdubs

While Roosters makes a better case for the best chicken, Bdubs is the overall better restaurant.

What do you think? Whose better? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American. As always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content.

College Football Preview and Predictions

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. College football kicked off last night and will be in full swing tomorrow morning. I expect to be a season a great season. There are so many good teams that the playoff committee is going to have a hard time choosing the best four in the nation. Aside from the playoff, the Heisman Trophy race will be very heated and is up for grabs. With that being said, let get to it.

Playoff Prediction

#1 Alabama

Image result for alabama football

Absolutely hate this team, but I respect their program and coach. Alabama has been a title contender for what seems like an eternity. Alabama brings in the fifth-best recruiting class, a stellar defense, and possibly the most intriguing quarterback battle this year. The QB battle is between proven starter, Jalen Hurts, and superstar sophomore, Tua Tagovailoa. Hurts struggled in the national championship against Georgia. He was actually so bad that coach, Nick Saban, pulled him for the true freshman, Tagovailoa. If it was not for this, Alabama is the champion. Tagovailoa is the front-runner for the Heisman if he is named the starter. When is named starter it is expected that Hurts will transfer.

My final prediction for the Alabama Crimson Tide is that they will finish #1 in the CFP. I believe they will suffer a loss to LSU in week 9, but will ultimately win the SEC.

#2 The Ohio State

Image result for ohio state football

I may be a little bias, but the talent and respect this team deserves is unreal. The Buckeyes come in at #5 in preseason poll this year. The Buckeyes brought back an insane defensive line that features the potential number one overall pick in next years NFL draft, Nick Bosa, two NFL style running backs, and the number two recruiting class. Dwayne Haskins was named the stand-alone starter for the Buckeyes over Tate Martell last week. The Buckeyes command a killer defense, an explosive offense, but the offensive line is very young and a lot of maturing to do; however, I do see them developing well due to the success Ohio State has with linemen.

I believe the Ohio State Buckeyes will finish second in the CFP, but win the Big Ten title with one loss coming to TCU in week 3 due to the absence of Urban Meyer and traveling to a hostile environment.

#3 Georgia

Image result for georgia football

Talk about a team I did not see coming last year. The Georgia Bulldogs are the definition of a dominant SEC team. They bring back quarterback, Jake Fromm and a whole bunch of other starters. The Bulldogs also bring the number one recruiting class from 2018. Georgia’s defense is something to marble and their offense may be the best in the nation.

My final prediction is that Georgia will go undefeated, but lose the SEC championship to Alabama, bumping them down to number three.

#4 West Virginia 

Image result for west virginia football

Ok, now bear with me. This is another program I do not like. I do not like the coach or the fans, but I do see this team having great success. The Mountaineers only bring the thirty-fifth best recruiting class in the nation, but I believe this is due to how much this team already has. The Mountaineers have been in the Big Twelve for seven years and is way different than the Big East. WVU is led by Heisman candidate, Will Grier, they have a very good defense and a young group with a lot of potentials.

The Mountaineers will squeak in, but it will be controversial. I believe they will lose to Texas Tech early enough for them to win out and for their name to be relevant to talk about at the end of the season. They face #7 Oklahoma at the end of the year which will help propel them before they win their first Big Twelve.

The CFP Champions: The Ohio State over Alabama

Image result for ohio state vs alabama

Once again, I am biased, but I do truly believe the Buckeyes will beat Alabama in the title game. We will see this rematch that everybody has wanted since 2013. Saban versus Urban? Who wouldn’t watch? I believe it will be low scoring, but the Buckeyes will reclaim their spot on top of the college football world with a score of 24-20.

Heisman: Bryce Love

Image result for bryce love stanford

This guy had big shoes to fill last year, and he did more than just fill them. He set a standard. Love ran for 2118 yards last year and 19 touchdowns. I believe Stanford will be a ranked team all year but will struggle. I believe Bryce Love will run away with this years Heisman.

Who is taking it all this year? Who is winning the Heisman? Let us know down in the comments! As always thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew. Stay tuned for more fresh daily content.

What Does the Urban Meyer Suspension Mean to The Ohio State Buckeyes?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. It has been two days since head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Urban Meyer, was handed a three-game suspension. This article is going to look into the whole situation and what it can mean to the program.

Former assistant coach, Zach Smith, was accused of domestic abuse against his ex-wife, Courtney Smith. This took place back in 2009 and again in 2015. Coach Meyer was made aware of the 2009 incident and reported it. However the most recent incident, Meyer did no report due to the fact he had no knowledge of what had happened. Courtney Smith reported the abuse to Coach Meyer’s wife, and, from there, we have no clue if it ever got to Urban. Multiple reports have come about against Courtney Smith ranging from the Columbus Police Department and even her own family deeming her not credible. This story was broken by Brett McMurphy (joke) at the Big Ten media day. Here is the clip.

I believe if he would have answered the question better, there is no more to this story. There are many details that go into this story, and it would take away to hit every angle of this story. The meeting discussing Urban’s future at The Ohio State University took a little under twelve hours. The only question for me is why did Urban have his messages whitewashed? Love and respect Coach Meyer, but makes you wonder if he should still be there.

When it was announced Urban was suspended three games, it was like Buckeye nation had lost its family dog. This fan base still has an awful taste in our mouths when it comes to interim head coaches from Luke Fickell, but this is way different. The first three games are Oregon State, Rutgers (lol), and #16 TCU in Fort Worth. The first two games, I do not believe will be a concern. However, TCU is a good program to test these young Buckeyes on the road. Our interim head coach for the three games is Ryan Day. Day has learned under Chip Kelley and Urban Meyer for years. He is also backed by a defense that could stop some NFL teams and a talented offensive group. His name has been muttered around the coaching carousel for years and will be looking to prove himself in the first three weeks. So, what I am saying is do not worry. I think we will be ok.

Image result for ryan day

We also added former Buckeye and fan favorite, Brian Hartline. Hartline will replace Smith at wide receiver. The Ohio State culture means winning, integrity, and pride, and when I think of that I imagine Hartline. I feel the development of the young, but talented, wife receiving core will develop quicker under him.

How do you think the Buckeyes will do without Urban? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew. As always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content.

5 Safe Picks for Fantasy Football

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. Football season is back and is time to talk tons of shit to your buddies and draft your fantasy team. This article is mainly for beginners who have no idea of who to pick with their coveted pick.

#1: Antonio Brown

Easily my favorite pick to make. I normally go wide receiver in the first round due to there not being many consistent wideouts in the league. Brown is proven receiver who, typically, be a point leader for your team.

#2: Ezekiel Elliot

Former Ohio State great is still eating defenses in the league. Elliot is almost guaranteed 100+ yards a game and a touchdown. He is backed by one of the best lines in the league; therefore, Zeke is a great pick.

#3: Tom Brady

Dude is an asshole, but he is only the greatest QB to ever play the game. Brady’s age does concern me, but he proves me wrong every year and still slings the ball around like he’s in his prime.

#4: Todd Gurley

Another running back that is great to have on your roster. Gurley put up crazy numbers last year, and will only improve due to the Rams offensive attack improving and spreading the ball around.

#5: Rob Gronkowski

When this guy is healthy, there isn’t a defense in the world who can stop him. This monster human being is one of Tom Brady’s biggest targets and goes for major points any given Sunday.

What do you think? Who is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments! As always thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew. Stay tuned for more fresh daily content!