Remember Television Sign-Offs? I Don’t, Since They Were Before My Time, But They’re Interesting Nonetheless

Do you ever just stay up late one night and watch television? We’ve all been there, but what if I told you that you couldn’t do that years ago? That’s because television was still figuring stuff out, even in the 1980s. For years, local television stations would shut off their transmitters, or “sign-off” for the night. In place of programming, those famous color bars or a test pattern would be displayed accompanied by an insufferable beep. They would then “sign-on” for the morning to resume programming.  Continue reading “Remember Television Sign-Offs? I Don’t, Since They Were Before My Time, But They’re Interesting Nonetheless”

Old and Strange Pizza Commercials

I’m willing to bet that you’re probably familiar with the pizza restaurant Chuck E Cheese’s. Created by Nolan Bushnell, who also gave us Atari, the chain was innovative in the fact that it had an animatronic band performing while you ate. It was the site of many birthday parties and it gave countless children memories that they will never forget. Continue reading “Old and Strange Pizza Commercials”

Reviews Through a Friend: The Game’s “The Documentary 2”

Last time on Reviews Through a Friend, I reviewed CyHi the Prynce’s No Dope on Sundays. I said that I was interested in listening to more rap, and sure enough, I was tasked with reviewing another rap album. This time, I’m reviewing The Game’s The Documentary 2. This album was released in 2015, and one week later, The Documentary 2.5 was released. I’m only reviewing the first one (of these two albums). Continue reading “Reviews Through a Friend: The Game’s “The Documentary 2””

Top Five Mountain Dew Products

There’s nothing quite like a cold soda. Sometimes you get a little sick of other drinks and need something to give you energy and a great taste. When that happens to me, I usually go for a Mountain Dew product. There are several varieties of Mountain Dew worth talking about, so I decided to count down my five favorites today. I’m not counting Kickstart or limited time offerings, though. Also, Baja Blast is a Taco Bell exclusive, so I can’t include it here (sorry). Let’s do this. Continue reading “Top Five Mountain Dew Products”

Top Ten Songs From 1991

Sometimes, one year can have so much good stuff that it may be considered the best by those who experienced it. I wasn’t alive in 1991, but its lineup sounds amazing. It brought us the three original Nicktoons, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the Super Nintendo. In addition, it had an amazing musical lineup. New groups were put on the map, and established acts also had hit releases. Today, I’m going to count down my ten favorite songs from albums from 1991.   Continue reading “Top Ten Songs From 1991”

NHL Hitz 20-02: Some Thoughts

Today, only a handful of companies publish licensed sports games. These include EA, 2K, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The previous two decades were another story. Companies like Sega, Acclaim, and even Nintendo published their own MLB, NFL, and NBA games. One name that stood above them all, in my opinion, was Midway. Continue reading “NHL Hitz 20-02: Some Thoughts”

The Bizarre Story of “Gaming in the Clinton Years”

Today, I get most of my entertainment from YouTube. Around 2007, I discovered the site and began watching stuff like Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, and stuff from the folks at ScrewAttack. However, there was one show that I watched that looking back at it, I can’t help but be confused and entertained. That show is Gaming in the Clinton Years. Continue reading “The Bizarre Story of “Gaming in the Clinton Years””