Hot Wheels Will Always Be Awesome

Hot Wheels are a line of toy cars by Mattel that are small and pretty to look at. Growing up a big fan of them, it made me love paint jobs on cars. That paint job love might be why the first Fast and Furious movie, with its colorful cars, is my favorite of the series. Hot Wheels are awesome, and I cannot state that enough. Since they’ve been on my mind lately, I decided to share some of my experiences with the brand. Maybe some of you might remember some of this stuff, or maybe not. Let’s see. Continue reading “Hot Wheels Will Always Be Awesome”

The Weirdest Amusement Park Ride Ever

The Moody Blues were a rock band from the 1960’s and 1970’s that had reasonable success. They didn’t have the fame of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, but they still had fame. Arguably their most famous track was none other than “Nights in White Satin” from their record Days of Future Passed. It had a cool vibe, and it was all together a nice little prog rock song that predated bands such as King Crimson and Rush.   Continue reading “The Weirdest Amusement Park Ride Ever”

Old and Strange Pizza Commercials Vol. 2

There’s no denying the fact that commercials vary in quality, and this can also be said for pizza commercials. I wrote about some strange ones in an article before, so I recommend reading that one first. However, there are several more that I saw before, but forgot about when writing it. There are also others that me and Cory discovered recently that I’d like to talk about. I believe that we’re due for a Part 2, so I’m giving you one. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Old and Strange Pizza Commercials Vol. 2”

WildTangent PC Games

I was a Windows XP kid. It’s forever engrained into my mind, with its OS, Internet Explorer, and its startup jingle being prominent. Speaking of Internet Explorer, an online gaming store from WildTangent was downloadable for free, and I got it on Windows XP and Windows 7. Think of it as a kids version of Steam. I only downloaded demos from these, and I spent a lot of time on them. I remember PopCap’s Bookworm and Bejeweled being featured, but I’m going to talk about the games actually published by WildTangent. I know that there has to be some now-broken PCs out there that had these, so this may or may not be a nostalgic treat for you all. Let’s begin. Continue reading “WildTangent PC Games”

DP Dough: A One-Visit Analysis

DP Dough is a restaurant chain specializing in not pizza, but calzones. I had it once before, but recently I decided to try it again to really decide how it is (also Taste of Asia was too expensive). Continue reading “DP Dough: A One-Visit Analysis”

“Humanz” vs. “The Now Now”

History has repeated itself. After a new album, Gorillaz followed it up with a smaller-scale one about a year later. After the polarizing Humanz was released, front man Damon Albarn decided to reduce the number of collaborators for the new release The Now Now, much like The Fall before it. However, The Now Now definitely has a bit more polish than that album, but how does it compare to Humanz? This question popped into my head after I listened to The Now Now, and it was actually more complicated of an answer than I initially thought it would. You want to know why? Well, read on! Continue reading ““Humanz” vs. “The Now Now””