Is Tommy Nitro an Epic Hero?

Karate. Either you practiced it, or if you’re like me, you grew up seeing it referenced in shows like SpongeBob SquarePants. However, what if I told you that it spawned a toy that spawned the greatest epic hero that you have never heard of.

I am of course referring to the one, and only, Tommy Nitro.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.22.47 PM
Get ready.

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Why Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that you will all enjoy today very much. It is the day of the bird, the stuffing, and all of the other fixings. Unfortunately, in recent years, people have often looked ahead to Christmas and Thanksgiving has become something of an afterthought. However, there is a certain aura about the holiday that shouldn’t be ignored. I’ll try my best to explain that, as well as what this special day means to me. Continue reading “Why Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be Overlooked”

This EA-Star Wars Thing Isn’t Working Out

Electronic Arts.

When you hear that name, what comes to mind? It should evoke feelings of grace, of pride, and of artistry. However, to most gamers today, it evokes feelings of anger, disappointment, and anxiety of one’s wallet. Time after time, EA has screwed up multiple games that sounded fun on paper. This is seen most prominently in their treatment of Star Wars games, as two recent examples are fresh in gamers’ minds. Continue reading “This EA-Star Wars Thing Isn’t Working Out”

Sporting Venue Landmarks

Sporting events are one-of-a-kind experiences that can’t quite be duplicated. Something about walking into a stadium to see your favorite team play is just bound to give you goosebumps. However, when going to your favorite stadium, what about it makes you remember it? Is it just a slab of concrete with a playing field, or is it something more? It takes a lot of effort to make a sporting venue memorable in its own right, and many stadiums do this. Whether they have a distinguishing landmark or a distinguishing team history, venues are bound to be memorable. Continue reading “Sporting Venue Landmarks”

“Take On Me” Music Video Comparison

What should a music video do? Truth be told, there isn’t really a wrong answer to that question. There are several types of music videos that are all fun to watch and talk about. Three particular types that I often think of are ones that tell a story, ones that follow trends, and ones where the band just plays. Sometimes, the direction can either help or hinder the quality of a music video, and this can be seen in a-Ha’s classic one hit wonder, “Take On Me.”

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TV Channel Bumpers

Let me ask you something: Do you know what a bumper is? You might not think that you do, but trust me, you do. A bumper can be defined as a 15-30 second piece that airs on a television channel that tells you the channel that you’re watching. These can often go unnoticed by the viewer, but these things can really enhance the TV viewing experience. You may find yourself remembering a catchy jingle or remembering some imagery from these, and you may not even realize it. That may be because we saw many of these as impressionable children on channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

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