Dark Lane Demo Tapes (Drake’s role)

I’m a pretty consistent Drake hater, but I always go through the time and motion of a new project.

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Top Five Gatorade Flavors

Ever since scientists at the University of Florida first concocted it in 1965, Gatorade has been the most popular sports drink out there. Some flavors have been mainstays throughout the company’s history, but others have come and gone. Today, I’m going to share my picks for the top 5 Gatorade flavors.

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Coolest Droids in Star Wars

The Star Wars Universe is very extensive across different platforms including movies, video games, comic books, and more. Let’s talk about some of the best unique droids in Star Wars.

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Nyjah Huston – ‘Til Death : A Comprehensive Review.

Here at MAC, we like to cover topics such as sports, television, music, etc. On the topic of sports; Basketball, Baseball, and Football are usually contenders for what first comes to mind. But today I’d like to cover one that isn’t thought of too often. Skateboarding. Continue reading “Nyjah Huston – ‘Til Death : A Comprehensive Review.”

Let’s Talk About It: Michigan vs OSU

Ohio State spanked Michigan on Saturday, let’s talk about what that means for college football.

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What Does The Ohio State Loss Mean to the Program?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O2nfWXwmsYHello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This last week has been a very tough one for Ohio sports fans, such as myself. Not one single professional team recorded a win, nor did the beloved college football powerhouse. The professional teams losing is fine, but the loss for the Buckeyes had some pretty tough implications but some pretty cool things.

The formerly ranked #2 Buckeyes strolled into West Lafayette to take on the Perdue Boilermakers in what seemed to just be a routine road trip. However, Ohio State put out the most pitiful performance of the season. The backfield only rushed for 76 yards all night, and we threw the ball 72 times. Yeah, you heard me. 72. Times. On top of it all, our defense continued to look lost without standout defensive end, Nick Bosa. The overall performance was just soft.

The Buckeyes have become extremely one dimensional since the return of Urban Meyer despite preaching how the team needs to be more well balanced. Even though the Ohio State got smacked, they also lost wideout, Austin Mack, for the remainder of the season. Things are getting tough for Buckeyes heading into the balk of the season and every fan is riding on the November 24th game.

After the loss, the first thought of the Ohio State faithful was, “What about playoffs?” Well, I try to see the glass half full and I think it’s gonna be tough. The Buckeyes are now forced to play stellar football for the remainder of the season and pray to the football Gods that one of the top four teams drop one. However, if the TTUN is still going strong and is in the playoff talks and we win and keep them from it, the season was well worth it. Also with pressing health issues surrounding Urban, I do not see him returning next season. I think he will resign, unfortunately, and Ryan Day will take over. I am not complaining about Coach Day becoming the guy, but Urban is a genius and an amazing recruiter. Gonna be hard for the fans if decides to step down.

Another thought was, “How is a top program getting out coached by Perdue?”. Well, the answer is simple and it is loyalty. Urban Meyer is one of the greatest coaches of all-time, but everybody has their flaws. Meyer has shown time and time again that his loyalty can lead a team downhill like what happened with J.T. Barret. I am not saying bench Haskins or anything crazy (dudes the best QB in the nation), but on short yardage situations, we need to switch it from running it up the gut. Teams are stacking the box and we ignore it. Let’s get some of the old bread and butter back in the game and run the read option with Tate Martell and keep this dude happy. Martell opens the game in so many ways. He can throw the ball a country mile and running ability is just like a running back.

The final thing is, that game is what sports are all about. To start the game it was made known about the one kid who chose Perdue over Ohio State and Alabama because he could not make an immediate impact but turned out to be the main difference maker. Another story about another kid in the Buckeyes backyard that they passed on, but made several key tackles, a pick-six, and recovered the onside kick. However, all that gets passed over for a hero by the name of Tyler Trent. Tyler is a student at Perdue who has a ton of school spirit, but battles with aggressive cancer. He went from not knowing if he was gonna live that night to watching his team take down a national powerhouse. This stuff is truly worth a movie.

What the Loss of Nick Bosa Means to The Ohio State

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. News broke today that former Buckeye standout, Nick Bosa, has decided to end his season with the Buckeyes to rehab an abdominal injury, suffered against TCU, and pursue training for the NFL. Bosa has been huge for the Buckeyes and there is now a huge void that Greg Schiano and company will have to fix.

The Bosa family has something running in their genes. The father, John Bosa, was a defensive end for the Dolphins back in the day and was a first round pick out of Boston College. Older brother, Joey Bosa, also hailed from The Ohio State and was selected 3rd overall just a few years ago. Now, Nick Bosa, in his third years for the Buckeyes looks to continue his family’s first round streak as he is a projected number one overall pick in this years draft. Bosa had 14 tackles and 4 sacks in just two and a half games. That’s pretty damn good considering he was out by half time for the first two games.

Watching the Buckeye defense these past weeks since Nick went down has been just a complete dismal. Bosa applies constant pressure to any offense. He commands constant double teams and sometimes triple teams.

Defense has turned to a new defensive end, Tyreke Smith, and the proven young gun Chase Young. Young is just a sophomore with very little experience, but a ton of raw skill and athleticism. However, the raise in plenties for the Buckeyes have sky rocketed since Bosa’s absence. Dre’mont Jones has stepped up in a big way for the Buckeyes, but the rest of the defense has to mature if the Buckeyes want a shot at the playoffs.

Am I upset Nick has decided to end his season early? Hell yes. However, I understand it. This kid is only 20 years old with dreams of being better than either of the two family members before him, and he has a good chance. Why not go get the paycheck and go chase your dream while you’re at it? Nick Bosa will be a name you’ll be hearing on Sunday for a very long time.

Who do you think will step up for the Buckeyes or the defense a lost cause? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you for spending a part of your Tuesday with me and the rest of the Mid-American crew. Stay tuned for more fresh daily content!