Your Keys to a Successful Black Friday

All day Thursday is meant to be with your family and eating as much as possible, but we all know what we are doing that evening. If you are like me, saving money is a big deal to you; so Black Friday is the best thing ever to you. However, there are somethings that go into this shopping extravaganza. So here are a few tips so that your Black Friday experience goes as good as humanly possible.

Planning is Essential

Listen, we all know Thanksgiving is for your family, but after the first hour, hour and a half it gets boring as hell at your sweet ole Grandmothers. And like most old people, you know for a fact there is news paper near by, or by some chance there isn’t, all ads are online too. It is very important to look at the ads and make a list of things you would like to obtain. A lot of places now offer a map of their store, and where various items would be. Just running around without a plan on Black Friday can be overwhelming and make you look like a dumbass as run around the entire store. You do not have to spend the entire time mapping and planning this out while at your Thanksgiving dinner, it really only takes the minutes max.

Location, Location, Location

This ties into planning as well, but this deserves its own spot. Black Friday is truly all about who was their first and on time. With that being said, pick what is most important to you and go there first. Hit everywhere that you want to go that is near there and just hit everything in order. This will save you time, money, and gas. There is truly no sense in driving back and forth between places that are in virtually the same area.

Gather Your Crew

Black Friday is fun and frustrating, but having friends and family with you makes it so much smoother and safer. When you have a group with you it is like having miniature clones with you. You all can spread out and grab things that each of you all want and just exchange when you reconvene. Not to mention some crazy psycho is less likely attack a group.

Be Able to Roll with the Punches

This is important in keeping your sanity. Chances are, you will not get every single thing you want due to the limited quantities. Just keep calm because some other store will probably have it, as well as their online option. Sure you wanted it in hand that day, but in the end you will end the day with the item you wanted.

Dress and Pack Appropriately 

For some people, such as myself, you will be out for most of the night. Dress comfortable. Wear your comfy shoes (Do not worry about the “WHAT ARE THOSE” douchebags), and something you can see your self wanting to wear for the next few hours. Another key is packing stuff that is essential. Communication is key so be sure to pack a phone charger. Some people like to pack headphones to try and drown out the noise of all the crazy people around you, I do not do that, but if you do, go for it. Final tip to packing, bring snacks. I do not care how much ate all day on Thanksgiving, you will get hungry.

Be Nice

For the love of God, do not be an asshole. Do not be rude to the other people around you, and especially the workers. As an employee at a grocery store, nothing can make your day worse than unruly customers. Keep in mind they do not make the rules, set the prices, or decide and order the quantities of the item you are looking for. They are there for your assistance and safety, and probably would rather be somewhere else. Now for the other fellow shoppers, I do not care bad your niece wants one of those hatchimals, or whatever the kids are into these days, it is not worth throwing haymakers over, and a potential night in jail.

Thank you all for joining me on this Black Friday. Remember to stay safe and mindful on your shopping spree. Be sure to stay tuned into for more pieces from myself and the rest of the Mid America crew!

Shiro of Voltron and Capitalism

So the wife and I just finished season three of Netflix’s Volrton: Legendary Defender and it took us forever after blowing through the first two seasons. I love the show so much because of the willingness to not just remake the original Lion Force anime or even the 1980’s American dub which I was all about in elementary school, serious I would scarf down dinner so fast just so I could be off the table and into the living room before the opening title. The brilliance of the Netflix series was the taking of story threads and changing and evolving them into new surprises for a whole new show.


This is gonna get spoiler for anyone who has not watched any of the Netflix series yet so turn back now if you don’t wanna know stuff…………………….. still here? Cool.

So anyway, Pidge on the new series is actually a girl, she’s looking for her father and brother. Completely changing the sex of an original series character is cool to me. It came as a surprise that I didn’t see coming until the started planting pretty evident seeds that Pidge was not what he/she seemed. It was fun. The series also invited a new character named Shiro who would end up piloting the Black Lion. He has a badass Spartacus vibe about him. He’s a thoughtful and developed warrior. His death has been the season cliffhanger for the first two seasons which was a little annoying, well he disappeared and the end of season 2, not dead just gone. This was fine and the heroes journey of storytelling and all that. However, what got me was it was now leading the show into the territory of the original 80’s cartoon. Keith was piloted the Red Lion in the new series had to take over and become the leader. This is only bad because that was the exact way it was in the original. This move led to Princess Allura joining the Paladins to pilot the Blue Lion. She had massive growth as a character from the original series to the new one. She had become a general of sorts commanding the overall team in this modern version. She was her own woman. Nope, lets stick her in the Blue Lion just like in the 80’s. I got bored. Our progress through season 3 stalled for months. Even though Shiro was found alive, he was now performing the Allura duty of generally commanding the force and not piloting a Lion.

I think this situation speaks to my own personal taste of loving cover songs when a new band takes on a well played songs and then totally twists it up to be unique. If you are gonna cover someone else’s hit, make damn sure you make it your own and don’t just be a tribute band to the original. I feel the same way about this show.

Then I saw a GIF of Shiro in the Black Lion and he’s telling it to trust him again. Well Hell, now I’m back on board and finished season 3 this morning over coffee. I just read an article where the series creators said they were forced to bring Shiro back way sooner then they wanted to because the executives demanded it. They had toys to sell and the Shiro Black Lion combo was apparently a big seller. Thanks for something capitalism, and thank you for reading this blog. Happy Saturday!


The Birds are Not the Only Thing Returning Down to Florida This Year.

It is that time of year when the leaves change color, the weather begins to drop, and for some, the birds are a lot less in presence. This is the time of year the birds begin to fly down south in search  of warmer weather, something many Floridans are use to by now. However, as many of them did not expect, something else has comeback and swept the nation. This comeback has excited the nation and has made college football  more exciting. I am of course referring to the resurgence of the Miami University, or more popularly known as the U.

I noticed this return after their appearance in the 2016 Russell Athletic Bowl versus the #14 West Virginia University Mountaineers. They did not blow them out of the water by any means (31-14), but his win capped off their 9-4 season. The Hurricanes have now been on a fourteen game win streak since their last loss to Notre Dame in an extremely close game. Both teams are known as national power houses, but lately a slip as been extremely noticeable.

The Hurricanes have started this season at 9-0, including the complete an utter ass whipping they handed Notre Dame (41-8). Not going to lie I was excited to watch that game because it seems that both teams had returned to the classic “Catholic Versus Convicts”, but his is has enabled me too say something I have been wanting to say forever, THE U IS BACK! This season has easily been an exciting one for the Canes as the took down their rivals the Florida State Seminoles for the first time in seven years. It gave life to the fans and alumni down in Miami, including one of the founding fathers and greats of the U, Michael Irwin.

The thing that is most admirable about the Canes is the swag they play with and that are coming out to beat your ass and not caring who you are. This swagger and attitude is most recently shown with the new tradition whenever the defense forces a turnover. The Canes break out this huge chain with the huge Miami “U”. This is not the biggest trademark of their swag, however. This was whenever the Hurricanes adopted to storied U back in 1973, and truly represented what the Canes are about.

The Hurricanes would be involved in some of the most notable games in college football history. My favorite one as previously stated was the “Catholic Versus Convicts” game. They did this because the Hurricanes often recruit in their own crime filled backyard. The snobby assholes up in South Bend at Notre Dame coined the term poking fun at the Canes. In the end the Canes would fall 31-30 to Notre Dame in possibly the greatest game of all time. Another classic showdown the Canes were involved in was their showdown with Oklahoma University in 1986 and 1985. This classic show down involved the team with the most attitude and the player who had the most attitude (Brian Bosworth). The Canes would go onto to win this game 28-16 and 27-14. Below are highlights of the games.

Their constant battles with their rivals, which I believe is the second best rivalry in football, at Florida State is very rich and filled with exciting games. My favorites are probably the “Wide Left” games (there are four of them. Miami currently leads the series in a very narrow, 32-30 margin.

The Hurricanes are most definitely one of the biggest professional football factory of all time. They have even put together the greatest team of all of time, in my opinion, in 2002, which included the likes of Sean Taylor, Willis McGahee, Jonathan Vilma Antrel Rolle, Frank Gore, Kellen Winslow, and Ken Dorsey. The Canes have sent 293 players to the pros including the likes of Hall of Famers Vinny Testaverde, Bernie Kosar, Jim Kelly, Clinton Portis Edgerrin James, Michael Irvin, Jim Otto,Ted Hendricks*, Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, and Ed Reed.

The U is back and so the swag in Florida. The season is winding down and with the December 2nd showdown with Clemson on the horizon, we may see a new game to add to the many of the Canes classics. So until next time, keep those Turnover Chains swinging and stay tuned for more fresh content from me and the Mid America crew.


Hostess vs Little Debbie

The age long battle for the snack crown can finally be put to an end. Jordan and I sat down and gave a fully devoted taste to four items from each brand. The Hostess products were paired with Cyhi the Prince, Kanye West ,and D.R.A.M. The Little Debbie products were paired with the A$AP Mob and Kendrick Lamar. Jordan and I each had a bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel to wash it down with. The way these snacks were graded is each snack was out of 5 stars for both judges, then the 4 scores were added together out of 40, the higher ranked brand was obviously named the champion.

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TMNT to be playable characters in Injustice 2.

Somehow the DC Universe fighting game has grown to encompass a magnitude of characters outside the traditional comic book realm of Batman and Superman.   The game has already released DLC featuring Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.  It was a true surprise however to see this morning that Paramount has let their Ninja Turtles be used.  The game has just moved up to a must buy in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one but Hellboy and Donatello with Nightwing and Superman sets the bar to the moon. Check out the cool fighter pack reveals and thanks for reading and watch out for our weekly play list tomorrow.