Where is the King Going?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. The NBA playoffs are well underway and it’s almost exactly how I thought it would go. One of the biggest things to follow is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s no secret that LeBron loves to win and will leave if he needs to. James has to the option to leave the Cavs this offseason, and I believe he will. There are only three real possibilities in my eyes, so let’s get to it.

The Philadelphia 76ers

This would be the smartest and best option for the king. He will be working with four lottery picks who are turning out to be worth the hype. Pay wise, the King will receive his richs. Imagine Simmons, Joel, and LeBron. It’s unfair. Not to mention that Simmons and LeBron are known to workout together in the offseason.

The Los Angelos Lakers

The fact that I can see this happening makes me sick. Los Angelos fans talk so much shit about LeBron but then they want him? Dumb. However, LeBron would see the same scenario that he would see Philly. Young talent and money. The biggest negative would be being in the West. The West is much tougher and making to the Finals in that conference is much tougher.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

I do believe there is a small chance LeBron might stay. The Cavs has a talented big man in Kevin Love and some promising younger players. Not to mention the 8th pick in this years draft.

LeBron, in this point of his career, is trying to win championships to silence the doubters. I would love to see him stay, but I see him leaving and the Cavs blowing it up at the end of this season.

What do you think? Where is the King heading? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me! As always, stay tuned for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!

“Yes, Dear” is the Perfect Generic Sitcom

Do you remember how some channels just relied on reruns of old sitcoms for ratings? Some still do, but it seems like more and more channels are getting their own original programming, which I think is for the better. The channel that used to rely on sitcoms the most, besides local network affiliates of course, was TBS. They aired reruns of shows like Seinfeld, which still airs today, Home Improvement, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. One sitcom that always stuck out to me when it aired was none other than Yes, Dear.

Yes, Dear initially aired from 2000 to 2006 on CBS and it was about two families. The first family is comprised of movie studio executive Greg Warner, played by Anthony Clark, and his wife Kim, played by Jean Louisa Kelly. They have a baby son named Sammy, and later a baby daughter named Emily, and they live in their nice California home, with a guest house. However, that guest house gets some unexpected visitors. Kim’s sister Christine, played by Liza Snyder, soon moves in with her lazy husband Jimmy, played by Mike O’Malley, and their sons Dominic and Logan. Of course, shenanigans ensue. There’s your plot. Continue reading ““Yes, Dear” is the Perfect Generic Sitcom”

A Must Read Children’s Book

Do you have kids? Do you know a kid? If so, I’ve got the perfect book for you!

Okay, excuse the corny infomercial intro that I just used. In all seriousness though, i had to take the opportunity to talk about this wonderful book. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo was written by Jill Twiss, with the help of comedian and television host John Oliver. On his TV show, Oliver did a piece on Vice President Mike Pence, in which he highlighted Pence’s despicably homophobic views, among other glaring character flaws of the Vice President. Coincidentally, on the week that Oliver aired his piece on Pence, Charlotte Pence, the Vice President’s daughter, was having a children’s book published. This book was titled A Day in the Life of the Vice President, and focused on the Pence’s pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo. Never missing an opportunity for a good laugh, Oliver helped to publish his own children’s book about Marlon Bundo on the day before Pence’s was set to release. The big difference, however, being that in Twiss and Oliver’s book, Marlon Bundo falls in love with and marries another boy bunny. On the surface, this looks to be a blatant attempt at trolling the Vice President over his homophobia. Which, in all fairness, it is. But, also in all fairness, the book is much more than that. It tells a heartwarming story that encourages acceptance of all people, regardless of who they love. I think that is a beautiful message to send to children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are. On his show, Oliver announced that all of the proceeds from the book are being donated to The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth, and AIDS United. These are two great causes and i would encourage everyone to help by purchasing a copy of this book.

I must confess, the book was actually published on March 18, 2018. However, as Oliver later stated on his show, they were flooded with so many orders, that there were immense delays in shipping. In fact, the book was the #1 selling book on Amazon for weeks after its publication. It still holds the #1 spot in Political Fiction, as of the writing of this article. I ordered the book two days after it was initially published. It arrived a little over one week ago. Now that it is here and I have had the chance to read it, I can say with certainty that it was well worth the wait. In fact, I intend to purchase several more copies with the intention of donating them to some sort of local charity dealing with children. Everyone should have the chance to read this fantastic book.

You can buy the buy the book here.

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Die Lit

Thursday night several rap artists blessed us with new music, but I’m going to speak solely about my favorite. Continue reading “Die Lit”

Weekly Waves Vol. 30: Wavy Baby

Curated by @mburnsoh this week’s playlist is built off of a Prince track and a EMF track. It features lots of 90’s music of various genres but also a few 2018 rap songs. Give it a listen below and check back for more fresh content daily from the MAC crew