Nyjah Huston – ‘Til Death : A Comprehensive Review.

Here at MAC, we like to cover topics such as sports, television, music, etc. On the topic of sports; Basketball, Baseball, and Football are usually contenders for what first comes to mind. But today I’d like to cover one that isn’t thought of too often. Skateboarding. Continue reading “Nyjah Huston – ‘Til Death : A Comprehensive Review.”

Green Bronco

Mitchell Barnes was working a late shift at the Pasta Compound family restaurant off High Street. He was due to close and be off in a little under an hour. Friday nights meant something to a lot of folks but Mitch was a waiter and the service industry didn’t give a damn about your weekend. Tilda Baylor called Mitch’s phone around 9:30 that evening. She was a neighbor of Earl Barnes, Mitch’s Dad. Earl had been found dead on the front porch late that afternoon.

Mitch took the call quite calmly, he acknowledged Ms. Baylor and assured her he’d be down in the morning. He had camly informed his boss R.J. of his father’s passing and the time he’d need off. R.J. had mentioned that with the weekend and short notice, Mitch was killing him, he then realized what an asshole thing that was to say and told Mitch to be safe traveling.

Exiting the back of the Italian eatery, Mitch bummed a cigarette from the new bus boy Philip, then onwards to the big SUV on the back lot. The old Bronco was nearly 20 years old, forest green with a tan roof and matching details down the side. Mitch’s Grandpa, Jacque had bought for him as a graduation present back in 96. His Grandpa would die a month later of a sudden heart attack. Less than a year after that Mitch’s mother would pass leaving only he and his father Earl.

Mitch had hung onto the green Ford Bronco as a last connection to his family, minus until now his father, but he was as gone too. There was no one left who knew Mitch as he was, when he was young and full of dreams and potential. He was a geeky, nerdy, and emotional boy. He loved books and movies. His mother and grandfather adored him. His father thought he lacked grit and was just kinda weird. Not sacrificing the neighbors cat to Marilyn Manson weird, just rather stay inside and read a book then go fly fishing. Mitch’s comfortable crowd was Vonnegut and The Amazing Spider-Man.

He’d moved to Columbus, 3 hours from home for school. He dropped out of 2 different ones. Mitch wanted to be a writer. He wanted to make things like the books he loved so much. His professors always liked his work and encouraged his efforts. All he’d really done is submitted a few poems to no avail. A wide array of half started notebooks floated around his apartment.

Mitch set behind the well worn steering wheel and felt bad for not crying. Odds are he’d have a good cry later over not crying. Life had some rough cycles. So it goes. The old Ford rumbled to life and carried Mitch home. He’d need to be up early tomorrow, a few beers and some YouTube and he’d need sleep.

The following morning Mitch awoke naturally at 10 minutes till 6. Showered and shaved, he’d found a blue Oxford and paired it with a dark blue tie. He’d wear jeans and a blue blazer. His go to 90’s professor look. His thoughts lingered on seeing his Dad’s pale face. They only lived 3 hours away but hadn’t shared space in over a year. The faithful Bronco was a nightmare on gas mileage and Earl didn’t travel much, usually the liquor store and the gas station for smokes. While walking out the door Mitch grabbed his coffee mug and while passing a bloated book case grabbed a book off a sideways stack. It was Vonnegut’s Jailbird.

Heading out to interstate 270 Mitch pulled into a Speedway gas station. The old Bronco would need a fill up. He’d have to break out the plastic for that. Usually the full size Ford received a full tank at income tax time and then lived a diet of meager twenty-dollars here and there. Going inside the station for a diet Coke he’d spotted the new Marvel movie was featured as a tie in on a bag of nacho chips.

Back to the truck and on South to finish his Dad’s business, Mitch tossed the chips in the passenger seat beside the novel. It would be a day he could use some friends.

People Who Are Best Suited to Run this County

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American culture page. This topic that I am going to tackle seems to be an emerging issue with almost everybody. Nowadays, you can no longer walk down the street, get on social media, or even have a normal conversation without somebody throwing in their two cents about this country and why it has “gone to shit”. We are going to talk about the people who believe they have the leadership of George Washington, the boldness of Abraham Lincoln, and the genius of Ronald Reagan.



Love em’ or hate em’, they always have an opinion. These gun totin sons of guns will stand up for their second amendment right, even when they are unprompted and will argue you from dusk til’ dawn that “daggone Obama” was basically Osama Bin Laden’s brother and right hand man. Well, I am here to tell you that most of the shit you read on “the Facebook” is made up, and it is hard to listen to somebody whose lip is dip packed to the point that you cannot understand a damn word you say.

Social Media Warriors

Image result for keyboard warrior

To the keyboard warriors, nobody gives a flying shit about your well thought out, 1000+ typo, 30 minute long post about the government and how it should be ran. If you go against them you better believe you are going to get the classic bitch Mom move where this bold warrior will say “If you do not like my post, remove me”, but before you get the chance; boom, you are blocked and all you said was “I do not agree”. We get it. You are blessing us with your political genius for free, but for the love of God, shut the hell up.

The Underage Children

Image result for baby trump

This breed intrigues me. I feel like it is usually a fine mixture of the previous two breeds. It is almost unfair to the child, honestly. Being forced to belief your parents believes and every single meal gathered around the fine people at Fox News. However, sharing shit on Facebook does not make you smart nor does trying to tell people they are dumb for not believing in what you believe in. Nothing makes me madder than a kid that is not even old enough to vote try and argue with people who pay taxes and vote.

The Mangy Grandparents

Image result for crazy grandpa

Your deer, old grandparents. Sweet people, but can sometimes be much when it comes to politics. I find it that the older generation uses this point in time to try and convey their message of reverting back to the old ways. A matter of fact, I have even heard the idea of going back to the Mid-West, gunslinging, all white days. However, all these changes happened for a reason, THE OLD WAYS DID NOT WORK! We simply cannot ship out people who are not the same as us, or shoot each other because they looked at us funny.

Listen, this post is to hopefully offend people who may act this way. I value everybody’s opinion, and not everybody does. This has been more prominent in this day and age due to the previous election, beliefs, and tragedies that have recently occurred. For instance, Parkland, Florida. People are fighting about the gun laws, yes they need to be stricter, but that is not the point. Seventeen people did not make it home that day and that is not the focus and I do not get it. If people would spend more time together and working stuff out instead of pointing fingers, we would get shit figured out.

I am sorry for this late article, but I had family matters to attend to today. Anyhow, thank you for tuning in on this Friday, and as always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content from the Mid-American Crew and myself.


Ranking WWE’s Current Championship Belt Designs

A championship belt should look the part. It should look cool and it should look like a prize. WWE has had some good and bad belt designs, but today I’m talking about the good ones. With WrestleMania approaching, there seems like no better time for me to talk some wrestling, so expect one or two more wrestling articles from me until then. With that said, here’s the ranking of WWE’s current belts. Continue reading “Ranking WWE’s Current Championship Belt Designs”

My Top 10 Movies of All Time Part: I


I consider myself to be a massive cinephile. I absolutely love movies and I am greatly fascinated by the art of filmmaking. A few days ago, I was asked by someone I know what my favorite movies of all time are. This question threw me for a loop because while I certainly have a plethora of favorite movies, I’d never tried to put them in any sort of order. That was until now. Here is the first part of a two part series on my favorite movies of all time!

10. Seven


Seven is simply a brilliant piece of cinema. David Fincher’s thriller about a serial killer who bases his murders on the seven deadly sins features brilliant acting from a star-studded cast which includes Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey. The crime drama makes the bold move of not revealing the killer on whom the movie is based until the film’s final portion. This withholding of the main antagonist’s identity makes for phenomenal suspense building. The film concludes with a controversial, yet brilliant ending. Anyone who enjoys crime dramas should immediately watch Seven, if they have not already.

9. Shutter Island

shutter island

In my opinion, Shutter Island is Martin Scorsese’s finest work. This is a relatively bold statement, considering he also directed classics such as Goodfellas, The Departed, Taxi driver, and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, Shutter Island is a strong contender for the title of greatest psychological thriller of all time. Not only does the film feature one of the best plot twists I’ve ever seen, but it also has what I consider to be the greatest ambiguous ending in the history of cinema. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as a U.S. Marshall searching for an escaped mental patient is stellar, as is the rest of the cast. The entire movie is spectacular from start to finish.

8. The Dark Knight

dark knight

Simply put, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie ever made. I will happily debate anyone who disagrees. Nolan has directed several films that could have easily made this list, but The Dark Knight is just the best. No superhero movie has ever mixed action and storytelling as well as The Dark Knight does. The film also features what I consider to be the greatest movie performance of all time in Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker. I genuinely do not believe that a better superhero movie will ever be made. The Dark Knight is as good as the genre will ever be.

7. Toy Story

toy story

I know… Toy Story isn’t exactly a movie you would expect to see on a best of all time list. But please, hear me out. There is not a movie in existence that had a more prolific impact on my childhood. There is not a kid’s movie that I could fathom saying is better than Toy Story. No greater animated characters exist than Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I could watch Toy Story today and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time I saw it 15+ years ago. also worth mentioning is the fact that one of the film’s future sequels, Toy Story 3, is the best sequel in the history of animation. Toy Story is a cultural icon that absolutely deserves to be in the discussion of greatest films of all time.

6.Citizen Kane

citizen kane

Moving on to a much more traditional pick, we have Citizen Kane. The film is the oldest on this list by a country mile. However, that doesn’t take away from its greatness. In fact, I think the age of the film makes it that much better because it is so ahead of its time. Orson Welles’ 1941 epic was his directorial debut. It was also his masterpiece. The film, which was written, produced, directed, and starred in by Welles himself, documents the life, death, and legacy of fictional publishing mogul Charles Foster Kane. Considered by many critics to be the greatest film of all time, Citizen Kane is an example of storytelling at its finest. The film is a must see for any cinephile. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

That concludes Part I of my two part series on my favorite movies of all time. Next week’s post will feature my top 5, as well as some honorable mentions. Make sure to check it out as well! Feel free to comment some of your favorite movies of all time as well. Thanks for reading.

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