Hostess vs Little Debbie

The age long battle for the snack crown can finally be put to an end. Jordan and I sat down and gave a fully devoted taste to four items from each brand. The Hostess products were paired with Cyhi the Prince, Kanye West ,and D.R.A.M. The Little Debbie products were paired with the A$AP Mob and Kendrick Lamar. Jordan and I each had a bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel to wash it down with. The way these snacks were graded is each snack was out of 5 stars for both judges, then the 4 scores were added together out of 40, the higher ranked brand was obviously named the champion.

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TMNT to be playable characters in Injustice 2.

Somehow the DC Universe fighting game has grown to encompass a magnitude of characters outside the traditional comic book realm of Batman and Superman.   The game has already released DLC featuring Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.  It was a true surprise however to see this morning that Paramount has let their Ninja Turtles be used.  The game has just moved up to a must buy in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one but Hellboy and Donatello with Nightwing and Superman sets the bar to the moon. Check out the cool fighter pack reveals and thanks for reading and watch out for our weekly play list tomorrow.


Five Athletes Who Were Taken Too Soon

This past week the sports world lost a true legend and a great guy in former Phillies and Blue Jay great Roy “Doc” Halladay, who died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 40. Halladay was a dominate right handed pitcher whose career lasted fifteen years. Over the span of his career, Halladay was 203-105 on the mound with a 3.38 ERA and 2,117 career strikeouts. Halladay was an eight-time all-star, two-time Cy Young winner, lead the MLB in wins twice, and had one perfect game and one post season no hitter. Roy Halladay was one of my all time favorites to watch with one of the nastiest 12-6 curveballs in the leagues history. Halladay played the game the way it should be played. Upon Halladay’s death I found myself thinking about the mark he left on the game and the fans, then I began to think about those who we will never be able to see their full potential.

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Sporting Venue Landmarks

Sporting events are one-of-a-kind experiences that can’t quite be duplicated. Something about walking into a stadium to see your favorite team play is just bound to give you goosebumps. However, when going to your favorite stadium, what about it makes you remember it? Is it just a slab of concrete with a playing field, or is it something more? It takes a lot of effort to make a sporting venue memorable in its own right, and many stadiums do this. Whether they have a distinguishing landmark or a distinguishing team history, venues are bound to be memorable. Continue reading “Sporting Venue Landmarks”

Why Jesse Pinkman should have gotten a spin-off show instead of Saul Goodman.

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The Top Five Bottled Water Brands

Water: two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom, the most important substance to life, and one refreshing beverage. And while everyone loves a tall cold one after being in the sweltering heat for a long time, no one really gives this elixir the credit it deserves. It seems as if people either just drink it because they have to, or people are incredibly particular about the brands of water they drink. And while I can probably drink any brand just fine, there are, certainly, those specific brands that are just better or worse than others. So without further ado, I present my top 5 favorite bottled water brands.

And yes, they do taste different!

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