The Top Five Bottled Water Brands

Water: two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom, the most important substance to life, and one refreshing beverage. And while everyone loves a tall cold one after being in the sweltering heat for a long time, no one really gives this elixir the credit it deserves. It seems as if people either just drink it because they have to, or people are incredibly particular about the brands of water they drink. And while I can probably drink any brand just fine, there are, certainly, those specific brands that are just better or worse than others. So without further ado, I present my top 5 favorite bottled water brands.

And yes, they do taste different!

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The Most Powerful Cartoon Characters of All-Time

Over the years there have been countless cartoons featuring a plethora of powerful protagonists. However, I am here today to rank the 10 most powerful we have ever seen on the small screen.

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Above the Iron Curtain: High Times with the SR-71 Blackbird

As the Cold War progressed the C.I.A. became more and more involved in aerial recon and specifically met with aircraft designer Lockheed Martin about the nation’s wants and needs.  Dating back to the 1950’s and an unsatisfactory outcome with the Korean Peninsula Conflict, the U.S. was determined to have an edge in information gathering.  Knowledge was power and the C.I.A. wanted to know as much about up to date about  movements of the nations enemies as possible. Including Cold War rival the USSR.

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Kickin’ It: Personal Top 5 Shoes of All Time

If you are anything like me, shoes are an extremely important component of every day life. From a young age I have been captivated by shoes and their intricate designs. Remember this is my personal top five; therefore, it may come off as basic, or to some make no sense.

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“Take On Me” Music Video Comparison

What should a music video do? Truth be told, there isn’t really a wrong answer to that question. There are several types of music videos that are all fun to watch and talk about. Three particular types that I often think of are ones that tell a story, ones that follow trends, and ones where the band just plays. Sometimes, the direction can either help or hinder the quality of a music video, and this can be seen in a-Ha’s classic one hit wonder, “Take On Me.”

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