Five athletes you hate but have to respect.

Whether it’s an NFL quarterback on your rival team or an NBA star that’s dominating the league, there will always be superior athletes out there that just get on your nerves because they’re so damn good. Love them or hate them, here are five athletes you have to respect.

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The Definitive Halloween Candy Power Rankings

Happy Halloween, everyone!

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Creepy costumes? Parties? Horrifying haunted house attractions that are way overpriced? Or, what most of the younger participants of All-Hallows Eve think of: insulin-exhausting amounts of candy.

We all associate this holiday with the sweet stuff, and every year kids are released into the neighborhood, trick-or-treating their way around the block until their plastic pumpkin pails are almost bursting with all kinds of confections. Everyone has their preference as to which candies are the best, but today, I’m gonna establish a three-tier system for Halloween candies: the primo, the overrated, and the “please don’t.” First, let’s start with the good stuff.

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Animal Crossing Might Save 2017

In our world plagued by a potential race war, a president that loves to golf, several natural disasters in a row, and a song like Bodak Yellow getting more attention than the masterpieces 2017 has given us (another time), Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the game we need. Whatever your problem may be, I’m sure you’ll feel better after finding some fruit for your favorite animal friend.

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Beautiful and Ugly.

Charles Bukowski lived his life as many things.  He spent time working for the Post Office, chasing women, and he loved the horse races.  Bukowski had a spirit that would find normalcy in the sad and beauty in the savage.  Charles Bukowski’s work was powerful and hurtful, but it could also reassure at the same time.  I feel like one of the best gifts from his work is that you are not alone, someone else has been alone and crazy before.

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