Mid-American Culture Weekly Waves Vol. 18: We Goin’ on a Road Trip

Mid-American Culture is goin’ on a road trip! The theme of this week is that all the songs on the playlist are named after places, check it out and come back for fresh content daily from the MAC staff.

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Growth as a Music Lover

Growth as a human being is natural and healthy, growth as a music lover is awesome. Continue reading “Growth as a Music Lover”

Mid-American Culture Weekly Waves Vol. 17 Seattle Rocks

This Weekly Waves playlist is based on rock artists based out of Seattle, hope everyone enjoys and comes back for fresh content daily from the MAC staff!!!


M-A.C. Weekly Waves Vol. 9

For those of you coming home from school this week, we have a special playlist in store. With a special guest coming up with the idea and 2 of the picks, the rest of the playlist was curated by the M-A.C. staff. The playlist can be found on Spotify and Apple Music give it a listen and check back for fresh content daily!!!