Kustom Kreams: A One-Visit Analysis

Ever since I first saw rolled ice cream on a Facebook video a long time ago, I always thought it would be a neat thing to try. Thankfully, a rolled ice cream establishment opened up in Huntington recently, and I finally decided to give it a visit.

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Farewell Steve Ditko

Hello everyone, it was discovered by the world at large yesterday that comic icon Steve Ditko has passed away. Ditko left his mark on the world as the co-creator of Marvel Comics Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. He designed both characters and came up with the rogues gallery for much of Spidey’s main villians including Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Doctor Strange’s Dormammu.

He drew the Amazing Spider-Man for 6 years and left over a falling out with Stan Lee.

He went to Carlton Comics where his main contribution was the Blue Beetle and the Question who would be a major influence on Alan Moore when he created Rorschach of the Watchman.

Ditko would work a bit for DC Comics in the 1980s before comic back to Marvel in the 90’s and creating Squirrel-Girl.

Ditko was a famous recluse compared to author JD Salinger. He continued working and self publishing up until his death. He was also an avid blogger. He will be greatly missed, but his creations will live on forever. Thanks for the work and effort Mr. Ditko

“Humanz” vs. “The Now Now”

History has repeated itself. After a new album, Gorillaz followed it up with a smaller-scale one about a year later. After the polarizing Humanz was released, front man Damon Albarn decided to reduce the number of collaborators for the new release The Now Now, much like The Fall before it. However, The Now Now definitely has a bit more polish than that album, but how does it compare to Humanz? This question popped into my head after I listened to The Now Now, and it was actually more complicated of an answer than I initially thought it would. You want to know why? Well, read on! Continue reading ““Humanz” vs. “The Now Now””

The Asheville Pinball Museum

Recently, my family and I spent a weekend in the Asheville, North Carolina area. It was a fun and relaxing weekend where we hiked to see gorgeous waterfalls, made campfire s’mores, and went to our first Minor League Baseball game. Another highlight of the trip was when we visited the Asheville Pinball Museum. Continue reading “The Asheville Pinball Museum”

Top Five Golf Video Games

Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master, but video game adaptations of the sport are some of the most addicting games one can play. Today, I decided to count down my top five favorite golf video games. So, let’s get to it!

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Cookin’ With Cory: Volume II

Hello everybody! For today’s article, I thought I’d bring back “Cookin’ With Cory” and talk about a recipe I prepared recently that you all are gonna love. So, let’s get started!

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Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That AREN’T On Mothership

Led Zeppelin was one of the first rock bands I ever got seriously into. My first true exposure to the legendary group, besides when the occasional song would play on the radio, was their greatest hits compilation, Mothership. And while Mothership is an amazing compilation that highlights most of the band’s great songs, there are still many classic Zeppelin tunes that don’t get enough credit. So, today, I thought I’d countdown my top 10 favorite Zeppelin tracks that aren’t on their mega-compilation, Mothership.

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