What I’m Reading

Happy Saturday everyone, I thought today I’d write about this fantastic book I’m reading. It’s called The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva. It’s about a former Israeli Secret Intelligence officer named Gabriel Allon, who now works as a meticulous art restorer.

I grew up reading spy type thrillers, in Middle School I read the Ian Fleming James Bond novels, Live and Let Die was my favorite. I also read The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy which was great because I’d already seen the film The Hunt for Red October and it was exciting to follow those characters like Jack Ryan and Marko Ramius again.

I guess one of the big things is that I enjoy continueing stories, probably a result of being a life long comic book reader and get new adventures with my favorite characters each month on the regular.

They are numerous long running novel series. I’ve read 13 of the 15 Longmire novels by Craig Johnson. However, in getting back to Silva and Gabriel Allon, the book is written incredibly well. Very well paced and the supporting characters are well thought out and developed. Usually I want to get back to the main characters when other authors devote a chapter to the antagonist, but Silva makes you wanna know the back story of the entire depth of the terrorist background.

The cool thing I love about the novel is that Gabriel is also a world class art restorer and he is working on a Rembrandt and a hidden find that an art dealer picked up for cheap at a Christie’s auction that could end up being quite a prize. However the art gets put on hold as Gabriel is asked again to comeback to the spy game and possibly have a chance to assassinate the Palestine terrorist responsible for the death of his wife and child years before.

The Kill Artist is the first in a 17 book series as of 2017. It’s a tight read with deep characters and some art thrown in. Plus Gabriel is around 50 years old and that’s a neat change of pace as well.

MGM is currently in the process of making a series based on the books. Odds are this will suck, but if you wanna get a feel for the character now before Hollywood casts a 25 year old hunk meat head, now is the time. Consequently, my actor for Gabriel Allon would be Daniel Day Lewis. Enjoy your weekend and please check out fresh content daily from Mid-American-Culture.