How I learned to stop bitching and love The Last Jedi.

So I love books and movies. It’s the foundation of who I am really. A gentlemen at work says I “Love fake shit so much” in referencing the novel I usually have slid in my lunch bag or the geek t-shirt I’m wearing. At any rate, I had a pretty hard stand on the latest Star Wars offering for months. I had the feeling it would not go as I had hoped. Kinda like when Luke tells Rey something similar in regard to her force journey. I thought we’d finally get a full fledged Jedi Master Luke Skywalker taking on the First Order and being his old heroic self I’d had so many plastic versions of.  The film is incredibly smart and knows what we really want, but for the sake of story won’t give it to us. Again, Luke asks Rey what she wants? For him to stand against the forces of the First Order with a laser sword? Luke knows the actual absurdity of that even if Rey and us viewers do not.

So I was mad at this movie before I even saw it. I didn’t want to see a character I’d grown up with die on screen. I wanted Luke to have grown to a happy life after the struggles of the original trilogy, to make up for the short comings of Obi-Wan and Yoda and raise up a new class of galaxy protectors. Not to grow old and bitter on a wet rock, alone among the cosmos.  Life is hard and bitter, I get that. I’ve read plenty of books and lived through some very disappointing things myself. Life is often sad and hard. Things don’t often work out the way we plan. I complained about corporate over Lord Disney sucking the life out of the franchise and blah blah blah. It was actually quite a risk on their part choosing to tell the story the director Rian Johnson wanted  to make and not a dipped in plastic feel good romp.

The heart of the story for me actually comes from the character DJ, the code breaker. After betraying Finn and Rose to the higher bidding First Order, he shows this hologram of all these weapon sales generated by decades of war. He shows the Empire/ First Order stuff but then, an X-Wing shows up.

Questions are left in the air, why and how did the First Order rise so quickly? How could the New Republic fold so fast. Leia has fought her entire life, is it all she knows? Uncle Owen begged Luke to stay on the farm, to not get involved as Old Ben Kenobi says. What life could he have had? Family and peace? He sought adventure and he redeemed his father because of his plight, but not much else. It’s a pretty powerful insight to give into sci-fi cultural heroes.

So now I love The Last Jedi. Visually stunning, loved the new armored walkers and the crystal foxes, hell, I even love the porgs. It tells a deep, reflective story. We still have Chewbacca and the Falcon.  Keep the momentum going J.J. Abrams and May the Force Be With You All!starwars, thelastjedi, luke skywalker, rey, reinjohnson, Disney, story, childhood, heroes