Songs to Spice up the Holiday Season

Here’s a quick list of songs to help spice up your holiday season.

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A Holiday Snack Review

Now that Thanksgiving has passed us, the vibe of the year changes from “cozy, homey, autumn bliss” to “joyful, cheerful, merry Christmas” time. And with this aesthetic change, we are also confronted with a marketing and commercial change as well. Stores are in the process of transitioning from injecting pumpkin spice “flavorings” into whatever they can get their hands on, to lining shelves and stores with new Yuletide treats. And coffee conglomerate Starbucks is no exception. The red theming is back with full force, and, since the semester is winding down (and I have excess flex dollars to waste), I thought I’d do a little holiday treat review, just to get everyone’s holiday juices flowin’.

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