Cookin’ With Cory: Volume III

Hello everyone! I thought I’d make my return to the site by sharing a crowd-pleasing pasta salad recipe that I think you’ll enjoy. So, let’s get started.

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I Listened to the Hamburger Helper Mixtape

Loyal Mid-American Culture fans may remember my review of the Wendy’s mixtape from a while back. Well, it was recently brought to my attention that We Beefin’ was not the first beef-based rap mixtape released (beef as in the meat, not a feud…). That distinction belongs to Hamburger Helper, who released a 14-minute mixtape with five tracks in 2016. So, in order to do all mixtapes ordered by corporate shills and cobbled together by hungry artists justice, I gave it a listen.

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Cookin’ With Cory: Volume II

Hello everybody! For today’s article, I thought I’d bring back “Cookin’ With Cory” and talk about a recipe I prepared recently that you all are gonna love. So, let’s get started!

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