Weekly Waves Vol. 45: Cosmic Tunes

Here’s some psychedelic tunes across many genres to help you travel the stars this week, give it a listen.


Weekly Waves 41: Featured Artist > Main Artist

A playlist curated by @bigredaferg showcasing songs where the featured artist outshines the main artist.

“Humanz” vs. “The Now Now”

History has repeated itself. After a new album, Gorillaz followed it up with a smaller-scale one about a year later. After the polarizing Humanz was released, front man Damon Albarn decided to reduce the number of collaborators for the new release The Now Now, much like The Fall before it. However, The Now Now definitely has a bit more polish than that album, but how does it compare to Humanz? This question popped into my head after I listened to The Now Now, and it was actually more complicated of an answer than I initially thought it would. You want to know why? Well, read on! Continue reading ““Humanz” vs. “The Now Now””

Weekly Waves Vol. 37: Recent Discoveries

This week’s playlist is curated by @mburnsoh and features 14 songs the MAC crew have recently fallen in love with. Check them out and be sure to come back for fresh content daily!

Weekly Waves 23: Artists We Used to Love

We love these guys artists but they’ve been a bit disappointing of late… Curated by @kazm33 this weeks playlist ties into his blog post that you can find here. Check it out and check out this week’s playlist for some sweet tunes from a better day.


Top Ten Gorillaz Songs

Gorillaz, created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, are truly a one-of-a-kind band. The virtual group of 2-D, Noodle, Murdoc, and Russell has brought us three great albums, one decent album, and Humanz. They have an impressive catalog; one in which picking your ten favorite songs by them can be difficult. Somehow, I did it. Let’s do this. Continue reading “Top Ten Gorillaz Songs”