Weekly Waves Vol. 22 Captain America’s iPod

This week’s playlist was curated by @mburnsoh and revolves around a theme of Captain America’s playlist. Ranging from songs he missed out on to songs he was probably referred to its a good variety of genres. Check it out here and check out the idea of playlist’s for fictional people here.



Weekly Waves 21: Windows Down

Need a sweet playlist for driving with the windows down? Curated by @asican2 this playlist has everything from Smashing Pumpkins, to Playboi Carti, to the Beastie Boys, to Kid Rock. Check it out on Spotify now!

The Art of Working a Dead-End Job

So you’re going to school, went to school, are gonna go to school, or said screw school, and right now you’re working a dead-end job. Continue reading “The Art of Working a Dead-End Job”

The Evolution of Hip Hop ( I )

The Evolution of Hip Hop will be a several part series where I attempt to delve into the way this genre of music has changed and grown while attempting to keep it interesting for all of you. I will compare and contrast 3 albums each 10 years apart in release date. Continue reading “The Evolution of Hip Hop ( I )”