Video Game Characters That Almost Made You Put Your Controller Through the Wall

Hello all, and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This week I was playing a classic console with a classic game. The deadly combo of NCAA 2006 and the original Xbox is still an amazing one-two punch, and still presents a challenge. I made it to the National Championship with THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Yes, it was not hard making it to the national championship because Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, Ted Ginn Jr., Nick Mangold, and Antonio Pittman. However, when I got to the championship, I was put up against the Texas Longhorns featuring, Vince Young.

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“Now Derek, it is stupid to rage over a game that is twelve years old.” Let me start by saying, no the hell it is not. Vince Young is a God on there and nearly beat me. This experience made me think of my many raging experiences in video games and the athletes who did it and made me feel like these kids (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE).

So without further ado, lets get into it.

Michael Jordan: NBA 2k11

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Possibly my favorite 2K ever. The folks at 2K brought in these challenges involving Michael Jordan and to unlock his highly sought after shoes. However, when you were not using Jordan, playing against him was a pain in the ass. Jordan is the GOAT, but he does everything. Wanna hold him under 50? Forget about it. Wanna drive the lane and not get your shit sent to the third row? Forget about it. Wanna bring the ball up the court? Forget about it. Needless to say, they made Jordan definitely look like the GOAT in 2K11.

Michael Vick: Madden 2004

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Man, back-to-back Mikes to start the list. You know the term, “You must have the sliders turned up?” Well, that is what it was like using cover athlete, Michael Vick in Madden 2004. Vick had a cannon for an arm and the speed of a cheetah on crack. Here is a video to show his dominance (do not mind the asshat in the video).

Kobe Bryant: 2K10

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Kobe Bryant. Another guy people could argue to be the GOAT, and for those who do not know sports, merely playing NBA 2K10 would make it believable. Now, I suck ass with Kobe in every 2K, and I do not know why. However, when people used him against me, I was cooked. Kobe hits unbelievable shot after shot, and really makes you want to throw your controller through the TV.

Jason Giambi: MLB The Show 2006 and MLB 2K6

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Since there are no pictures or footage of Giambi on the Show on the internet for some reason, you are just going to have to believe me on this one. Giambi is one of my favorite players of all-time. I remember whenever I received both the Show and 2K for my birthday. I instantly used my team (the Yankees) against my step dad’s team (the Red Sox). Giambi went five for six logging five home runs. This started my obsession with the game. Anytime Giambi gets a fastball, well you can forget about it.

LeBron James: Any 2K ever

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Due to video games getting more realistic, LeBron is not as dominant as he use to be on 2K, but he is still hard to stop. I have used and played against people using LeBron in almost every single game he has been in. It is truly nothing to score a fifty piece with LeBron on these games. You only love him when you are using him, but throwing your TV out the window seems pretty reasonable whenever he is against you.

Tim Tebow: NCAA Football 2010

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I was a huge NCAA Football video game lover, and spent many hours playing this game. Whenever I took my talents online and played, nothing made me more mad than some douche bag using the 2010 Florida Gators and Tim Tebow. You have to have no skill to use him. Just hold down the sprint button and occasionally hit the truck stick or B button and you are going to be competitive. This game started my unfair hatred for Tebow, but now, I think he is a pretty cool guy. Cut to the 2:30 mark for the run down on his skills.

Reggie Bush: NCAA 2006

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I remember playing this game with my friends back in the day, and there was only one rule, nobody could use Ohio State or USC. The Ohio State rule was because we all loved Ohio State, but USC was because of Reggie Bush just being unfair. Bush was another player that required no skill to use.

I could honestly go on and on about players that were unfair to use in sports game, but these few were the ones who stuck out to me, but that concludes the list. As always, thank you for spending a part of your Friday with me and stay tuned for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew. If you have not checked out this weeks playlist, do it!

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NBA Trade Deadline Madness

Last week, NBA all-star power forward, Blake Griffin was shipped to the Pistons in exchange for Tobias Harris, a shoe, and a half ate can of beans. This began the most beautiful season for every sports season, the trade deadline. Poor Deandre Jordan must have felt excluded considering he has been in the discussion for trade all season, and now that the only attractive piece is gone; Jordan must feel like this.

Man what a day for the National Basketball League yesterday. What seemed to be a normal day just transpired into complete anarchy after ESPN analyst, Adrian Wojnarowski, dropped a Woj bomb of major proportion.  The deadline madness started with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs have been going into a huge decline since trading all-star guard Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Isiah Thomas and others. Isiah Thomas only played fifteen games for the Cavs and quickly became a cancer to the team due to his terrible defensive ability and being a gossipy teenager in the locker room. So the Cavs did what any smart team would do, shipped his ass out West. Thomas, teammate Channing Frye, and a 2018 first round pick for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. Can’t help but laugh at this trade coming a day after Thomas stated he did not want to be traded.

I am a huge fan of this trade. Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. are two very athletic players, who I think will seemingly mesh with LeBron and the Cavs with no issue. For the Lakers, they traded two players and cleared up nearly seventy-million dollars in cap space. Yes, that is a shit-ton of money. Enough money to grab two all-stars by the names of Paul George and LeBron James. However, this lineup they have right now with IT will not work and I see him in free agency this summer.

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I thought that would be it for big news. Then, boom! Another Woj bomb.  The Cavs were not done yet. They engaged in a three-way trade with the Jazz and the Kings. The Cavs sent out Iman Shumpert (sad) to the Kings, Derrick Rose (LOL) to the Jazz where he will be waived, and Jae Crowder to the Jazz as well. Jazz and the King’s sent two huge pieces to the Cavs in up and coming shooting guard, Rodney Hood and George Hill. All and all the Jazz got screwed and the Kings are still as irrelevant as ever.

This means the Cavs cleared up a lot of cap space and gave the them a new look. Will this be enough to keep LeBron?

The Cavs also sent LeBron’s best friend, Dwyane Wade, to the Miami Heat, where he truly belongs, and got a second round pick. That caps it for all the moves the Cavs made.

This next trade I was a huge fan of. This trade was the Suns and Magic trade. The Suns obtained Elfrid Peyton for a 2018 second round pick. Elfrid Peyton is an athletic guard with crazy potential who will be paired up with a young team with a very high ceiling.

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The last important trade was a three-way trade between the Knicks, Mavericks, and the Nuggets. The Knicks received Emmanuel Mudiay, the Mavericks received Doug McDermott and a second round pick, and the Nuggets got Devin Harris and a second round pick. This trade is big for the Knicks because they now have two very young and talented guards with extremely high potentials to build around Kristaps Porzingis (given he comes back healthy).

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While I am surprised the Celtics did not make a move other than sign Greg Monroe, I truly do not think any of these moves will effect the playoffs and who will the championship. The Warriors will have a very hard road to the championship, but they are the Warriors and they have four all-stars; thus, they are still going to win. All these trades really did was make each team a little more competitive, but every team cleared up a ton of cap space to make runs at big name players.

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What do you think? Where is LeBron and PG going? Will these signing effect this season? Tell us down in the comments! Thank you once again for joining me on this Friday, and as always stay tuned to myself and the rest of Mid-American crew for fresh daily content.

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