Old and Strange Pizza Commercials Vol. 2

There’s no denying the fact that commercials vary in quality, and this can also be said for pizza commercials. I wrote about some strange ones in an article before, so I recommend reading that one first. However, there are several more that I saw before, but forgot about when writing it. There are also others that me and Cory discovered recently that I’d like to talk about. I believe that we’re due for a Part 2, so I’m giving you one. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Old and Strange Pizza Commercials Vol. 2”

Old and Strange Pizza Commercials

I’m willing to bet that you’re probably familiar with the pizza restaurant Chuck E Cheese’s. Created by Nolan Bushnell, who also gave us Atari, the chain was innovative in the fact that it had an animatronic band performing while you ate. It was the site of many birthday parties and it gave countless children memories that they will never forget. Continue reading “Old and Strange Pizza Commercials”