Why Hasn’t This Been Made Yet?

The genre of rhythm video games seems to have been dwindling in recent years. Guitar Hero and Rock Band, once a pair of mighty 3rd party series, faded into obscurity, only to get revival editions that not many people seemed to play, and even recycled songs that had already been featured in the series. I don’t think these series deserve to be left in the dust, however, but a little bit of innovation would help both series bounce back.

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Above the Iron Curtain: High Times with the SR-71 Blackbird

As the Cold War progressed the C.I.A. became more and more involved in aerial recon and specifically met with aircraft designer Lockheed Martin about the nation’s wants and needs.  Dating back to the 1950’s and an unsatisfactory outcome with the Korean Peninsula Conflict, the U.S. was determined to have an edge in information gathering.  Knowledge was power and the C.I.A. wanted to know as much about up to date about  movements of the nations enemies as possible. Including Cold War rival the USSR.

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Animal Crossing Might Save 2017

In our world plagued by a potential race war, a president that loves to golf, several natural disasters in a row, and a song like Bodak Yellow getting more attention than the masterpieces 2017 has given us (another time), Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the game we need. Whatever your problem may be, I’m sure you’ll feel better after finding some fruit for your favorite animal friend.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic: A Review


As a young lad, I spent many an hour playing the original two RollerCoaster Tycoon games on PC. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, RollerCoaster Tycoon is a game where you manage a theme park – building thrill rides, roller coasters, refreshment stands, and the like. The goal of the game is to accomplish whatever the game asks of you, depending on which area you selected. For instance, the goal might be that you have 500 guests in your park by the end of year two. The game goes by pretty quick, so you can beat a number of these scenarios in as little as an hour.

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