The Bizarre Story of “Gaming in the Clinton Years”

Today, I get most of my entertainment from YouTube. Around 2007, I discovered the site and began watching stuff like Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, and stuff from the folks at ScrewAttack. However, there was one show that I watched that looking back at it, I can’t help but be confused and entertained. That show is Gaming in the Clinton Years. Continue reading “The Bizarre Story of “Gaming in the Clinton Years””

Here’s Something Weird: Simpsonwave

Simpsonwave, or S i m p s o n w a v e, is… interesting. It’s a video subgenre where vaporwave music is playing with clips from The Simpsons. However, the clips usually have an “a e s t h e t i c” purple tint and VHS filters over it to show a dream-like atmosphere. These two combined may seem like an odd combination, and it is, but it actually kind of works. Continue reading “Here’s Something Weird: Simpsonwave”

Remember Television Sign-Offs? I Don’t, Since They Were Before My Time, But They’re Interesting Nonetheless

Do you ever just stay up late one night and watch television? We’ve all been there, but what if I told you that you couldn’t do that years ago? That’s because television was still figuring stuff out, even in the 1980s. For years, local television stations would shut off their transmitters, or “sign-off” for the night. In place of programming, those famous color bars or a test pattern would be displayed accompanied by an insufferable beep. They would then “sign-on” for the morning to resume programming.  Continue reading “Remember Television Sign-Offs? I Don’t, Since They Were Before My Time, But They’re Interesting Nonetheless”