WildTangent PC Games

I was a Windows XP kid. It’s forever engrained into my mind, with its OS, Internet Explorer, and its startup jingle being prominent. Speaking of Internet Explorer, an online gaming store from WildTangent was downloadable for free, and I got it on Windows XP and Windows 7. Think of it as a kids version of Steam. I only downloaded demos from these, and I spent a lot of time on them. I remember PopCap’s Bookworm and Bejeweled being featured, but I’m going to talk about the games actually published by WildTangent. I know that there has to be some now-broken PCs out there that had these, so this may or may not be a nostalgic treat for you all. Let’s begin. Continue reading “WildTangent PC Games”

Weekly Waves 21: Windows Down

Need a sweet playlist for driving with the windows down? Curated by @asican2 this playlist has everything from Smashing Pumpkins, to Playboi Carti, to the Beastie Boys, to Kid Rock. Check it out on Spotify now!

Computers and Charm: Windows Startups

I like charm. It is one of the best feelings in the world to be charmed by something. Whether it’s a cute character design or a little sound effect, something charming can easily make my day. Now, where can charm easily be seen?

Old computers, of course! Continue reading “Computers and Charm: Windows Startups”